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Nick Padmore took his sec­ond con­sec­u­tive dou­ble vic­tory in FIA Mas­ters Historic For­mula One to take the over­all ti­tle lead.

Start­ing from pole in his Wil­liams FW07C, Padmore lost out to Martin Stret­ton’s Tyrrell 012 at the start of the first race, with Loic De­man’s Tyrrell 010 tak­ing Mike Wrigley’s Wil­liams FW07D into the Esses for third, be­fore Rob Hall’s Ligier JS17 Ma­tra snatched fourth at God­dards.

The lead duo con­tin­ued to sprint away and ran side by side a cou­ple of times at the Esses, which al­lowed De­man to close, be­fore a light shower ar­rived.

“I was first into the Old Hair­pin in the driz­zle and ran wide,” said Stret­ton, as he slipped to third be­hind Padmore and De­man. But a lap later Padmore was “too cau­tious” at the Esses and De­man led as the top trio all closed up again.

Padmore led again at Redgate on lap eight, be­fore Stret­ton’s fight­back took him past both of his ri­vals at Mel­bourne over a three-lap pe­riod.

But there was more driz­zle and Padmore was back in front with all three nose-to-tail un­til they caught a back­marker at God­dards. As Padmore backed off Stret­ton caught his rear wheel and the Tyrrell’s front body­work flew off. Padmore held on for the win from De­man while, hav­ing lost out to Greg Thorn­ton (Lo­tus 91/5) and Wrigley, Hall re­claimed third. That left Wrigley, Si­mon Fish’s En­sign and Thorn­ton to com­plete the top six.

It was a lights-to-flag win for Padmore in the sec­ond race, with Stret­ton oust­ing Wrigley for sec­ond on lap two. De­man was third at the Esses a lap later as the or­der of the lead trio set­tled, leav­ing Thorn­ton to challenge Wrigley for fourth po­si­tion.

Into the Esses for the fifth time, Wrigley tried to fend off Thorn­ton, skirted the gravel and was out of the race, but a lap later Thorn­ton was off at God­dards pro­mot­ing Hall to fourth, be­fore the Lo­tus pit­ted with gear selec­tion prob­lems.

Stret­ton was edg­ing closer and closer to chal­leng­ing Padmore’s race-long lead, but the Wil­liams driver just held on by 0.341s.

Hall re­tained fourth from Fish and David Ab­bott’s Ar­rows, af­ter both Steve Hart­ley’s Ar­rows and Max Smith-hilliard’s Shadow had pit­ted.

Dave Fors­brey and Andy Newall came back from al­most a lap down to take their Ford GT40 to vic­tory in the Mas­ters Three Hours. Fors­brey shared a cou­ple of early ex­changes with Chris Chiles Jr’s AC Co­bra, be­fore build­ing a sub­stan­tial lead.

But Chiles re­tained a clear sec­ond, which be­came top spot when Fors­brey handed to Newall and the GT40 re­quired a longer fu­elling stop. John/ Gary Pear­son’s Jaguar E-type had been in third for most of the race, aided by Jon Min­shaw’s E-type re­tir­ing early.

Car­los Mon­teverde’s GT40 came through into fourth dur­ing the early laps, but elec­tri­cal prob­lems put him out dur­ing the sec­ond hour.

While Newall set about suc­cess­fully re­gain­ing the lead, Chiles Snr was hauled in by Rob Hall/andy Wil­lis’ AC Co­bra and the Pear­son E-type, both go­ing by in the fi­nal 30 min­utes.

Newall made it home with time to spare and took the win by over 38 sec­onds from Hall/wil­lis, with the Pear­sons in third, from the Chiles, Gra­ham Wil­son/nigel Green­sall’s Lo­tus Elan and Ron­nie May­don/ James Ha­gan’s Ginetta G4R.

David Tom­lin was an­other dou­ble win­ner in the Fer­rari For­mula Clas­sic. Tris­tan Simp­son’s F355 led race one un­til he slid off at Mcleans on the third lap, leav­ing Richard Dou­gal and Tom­lin du­elling, un­til Jim Cartwright made it a three-way fight.

Tom­lin just held on to a nar­row ad­van­tage, but with Dou­gal’s F355 cut­ting out at Mcleans four laps from home, Cartwright re­mained a close sec­ond, with Simp­son re­cov­er­ing to com­plete the podium.

Although Simp­son led again from the start of race two, Cartwright headed the lead trio from the Esses on lap two, with Tom­lin in his wheel­tracks. The lead changed a cou­ple more times be­fore Tom­lin made it stick, while Simp­son and Tim Mo­gridge were pro­moted to com­plete the podium af­ter Cartwright picked up a track lim­its penalty and dropped to fourth.

Both All­com­ers and Canam In­ter­serie races were com­fort­ably won by Andy Newall’s Mclaren M8F. John Grant’s M8C/D was sec­ond in the open­ing race un­til he pit­ted two laps from home with a punc­ture. Hav­ing lost an early third place to Frank Bradley’s clutch-less March 717, Mike Dono­van’s Lola T70 came in sec­ond ahead of Paul Gib­son’s sim­i­lar car, af­ter Bradley crashed out at the Old Hair­pin.

It was lights-to-flag for Newall again in race two, with Grant in sec­ond un­til Bradley pipped him in the fi­nal dash to the flag by 0.106s, with Dono­van fourth.

Tommy Gil­martin’s Mor­gan +8 led an early three-car break in the first Scot­tish Clas­sic Sports & Sa­loon race, but was kept hon­est dur­ing the sec­ond half by John Kin­mond’s Rover 3500, once he had got past Ray­mond Boyd’s Porsche 911 on the third lap. But a track lim­its penalty dropped Kin­mond back to third place. It was a sim­i­lar story in the sec­ond en­counter, but af­ter Kin­mond ousted Boyd on lap four, he re­tained his sec­ond place in the fi­nal re­sults.

Re­turn­ing Scot­tish BMW Com­pact Cup cham­pion Steven Dailly had the legs on cur­rent cham­pi­onship leader Gary Clark in both races. Both held sta­tion through­out the dou­ble header, but hav­ing taken a com­fort­able third in race one, Ray Macdowall had a fight on his hands the sec­ond time around. He shared three ex­changes with Cliff Harper, but nei­ther could gain an ad­van­tage ex­it­ing God­dards side by side for the fi­nal time with Harper get­ting the ver­dict by 0.05s.

Henry Mann’s Ford Fair­lane dom­i­nated the Pre 66 Tour­ing Cars. Andy Wolfe/michael Gans’ Lo­tus Cortina was the near­est chal­lenger through­out, with Mark Bur­ton’s Ford Mus­tang com­plet­ing the podium.

Pa­trick Sher­ring­ton’s MCR was never headed in the first Sports 2000 race, with Michael Gibbins and Paul Tray­hurn sec­ond and third through­out. Gibbins’ MCR was the ini­tial leader in race two, forc­ing Sher­ring­ton to fight hard, but he made the de­ci­sive move into the Esses on lap nine, with Gibbins left fend­ing off a de­ter­mined Tray­hurn for sec­ond.

Robert Older­shaw’s Lola T212 came from the back of the grid to pass Paul Gib­son’s Lola T70 for the lead into Mel­bourne on the 15th lap of the FIA Mas­ters Historic Sports. With Mark Piercy hand­ing the sec­ond-placed Lola T210 to Martin Stret­ton, it was wheel to wheel for the lead with Older­shaw, be­fore Stret­ton led into the Esses on lap 23. Gib­son was still third on the road, put a penalty handed the place to Michael Gans (Lola T290).

1 Padmore; 2 Stret­ton +0.341s; 3 De­man; 4 Hall; 5 Si­mon Fish (En­sign N180); 6 David Ab­bott (Ar­rows A4). CW Stret­ton. FL Stret­ton 1m24.468s (106.01mph). P Padmore. S 10.

1 Dave Fors­brey/andy Newall (Ford GT40); 2 Andy Wil­lis/ Rob Hall (Shelby Amer­i­can Co­bra) +38.642s; 3 John Pear­son/ Gary Pear­son (Jaguar E-type); 4 Chris Chiles Jnr/ Chris Chiles Snr (AC Co­bra); 5 Gra­ham Wil­son/ Nigel Green­sall (Lo­tus Elan 26R); 6 Ron­nie May­don/james Ha­gan (Ginetta G4R). CW Wil­lis/ Hall; Wil­son/ Green­sall; Ni­cholas Rud­dell/ Peter Rimer/ Robert Crofton (Ford Mus­tang). FL Newall 1m46.627s (83.97mph). P Fors­brey/ Newall. S 23.

1 David Tom­lin (308 GTB); 2 James Cartwright (328 GTB) +0.621s; 3 Tris­tan Simp­son (F355 Challenge); 4 Richard Cook (F355 Challenge); 5 Chris But­ler (328 GTB); 6 Peter Ever­ing­ham (328 GTB). CW Cartwright; Simp­son; But­ler; Wil­liam Moor­wood (308 GT4). FL Cartwright 1m49.715s (81.61mph). P Tom­lin. S 22.

1 Tom­lin; 2 Simp­son +5.912s; 3 Tim Mo­gridge (F33 Challenge); 4 Cartwright; 5 Cook; 6 Ever­ing­ham. CW Simp­son; Cartwright; Ever­ing­ham; Moor­wood. FL Mo­gridge 1m48.929s (82.20mph). P Dou­gal. S 19.

1 Newall; 2 Frank Bradley (March 717) +10.319s; 3 Grant; 4 Dono­van; 5 Gib­son; 6 Tay­lor. CW Dono­van. FL Bradley 1m31.459s (97.90mph). P Newall. S 7.

1 Gil­martin; 2 Kin­mond +1.469s; 3 Boyd; 4 Gra­ham; 5 Crow; 6 Bren­nan. CW Boyd; Crow; Dal­trey. FL Gra­ham 1m52.701s (79.45mph). P Gil­martin. S 11.

1 Dailly; 2 Clark +5.278s; 3 Harper; 4 Macdowall; 5 Neil Macinnes; 6 Liam Grant. FL Dailly 1m59.475s (74.94mph). P Dailly. S 14.

1 Henry Mann (Ford Fair­lane); 2 Andy Wolfe/ Michael Gans (Lo­tus Cortina) +6.460s; 3 Mark Bur­ton (Ford Mus­tang); 4 Car­los Mon­teverde/ Gary Pear­son (Lo­tus Cortina); 5 Gra­ham Pat­tle (Lo­tus Cortina); 6 An­drew Had­don/ Mark Martin (Lo­tus Cortina). CW Wolfe/ Gans; Bur­ton; Jonathan Lewis (Austin Mini Cooper S). FL Mann 1m53.989s (78.55mph). P Mann. S 13.

1 Pa­trick Sher­ring­ton (MCR); 2 Michael Gibbins (MCR) +4.979s; 3 Paul Tray­hurn (Gunn TS11); 4 Tom Stoten (Gunn TS11); 5 David Houghton (MCR); 6 Paul Martin (MCR). CW Tray­hurn; Alaric Gor­don (Car­bir CS2); Colin Fey­er­abend (Lola T90/90); Clive Steeper (Tiga SC80); Damien Grif­fin (Lola T598). FL Sher­ring­ton 1m34.931s (94.32mph). P Sher­ring­ton. S 31.

1 Sher­ring­ton; 2 Gibbins +9.747s; 3 Tray­hurn; 4 Stoten; 5 Houghton; 6 Martin. CW Tray­hurn; Gor­don; Fey­er­abend; Grif­fin; Steeper. FL Sher­ring­ton 1m35.431s (93.83mph). P Sher­ring­ton. S 28.

of Paul Bel­lamy, and would beat David Hick­ton in the fi­nale.

That sec­ond win, his fourth in a row, was threat­ened by a back-mark­ing Ford Fi­esta that ran wide and came close to hit­ting West at the chi­cane on the penul­ti­mate lap, but he emerged un­scathed for vic­tory.

While West and Gent could breathe rel­a­tively easy in their events come the fi­nal lap, Stephen Primett would have no such com­fort in the Group 1 Tour­ing Cars and Pre 2005 Pro­duc­tion Tour­ing cars.

His Ford Es­cort Mk1 was caught up in an en­thralling bat­tle with Stephen Cripps in each race as the duo proved to be closely matched.

Primett’s Thrux­ton ex­pe­ri­ence matched Cripps’ more mod­ern Es­cort Mk2, and Cripps sim­ply couldn’t find a way past in the opener, be­fore Primett took a marginally more com­fort­able sec­ond vic­tory.

While the sprints en­thralled, it was Nigel Moore and Phil Han­son who com­bined to take the honours in the Brit­car En­durance Cham­pi­onship two-hour race, de­spite a late change in strat­egy.

The pair opted for a risky one-stop strat­egy, tak­ing just the manda­tory stop for Han­son to hand over to Moore, which ini­tially had them one lap clear of the field.

How­ever, late on Moore had to aban­don the strat­egy to change tyres as Thrux­ton’s no­to­ri­ously abra­sive ser­vice took its toll on the car.

While a large chunk of the ad­van­tage had evap­o­rated, Moore was able to con­sis­tently lap quicker than the sec­ond placed Lam­borgh­ini Gal­lardo of Nigel Mustill. That Lam­borgh­ini had orig­i­nally taken pole, with Craig Dolby dou­ble stint­ing with the aim of build­ing an unas­sail­able lead. As they were set to re­turn to the track for the sec­ond run, a Dun­lop tech­ni­cian pointed out the heavy wear on the rear tyres.

With time lost for four tyre re­place­ments, Dolby’s lead fell away and handed Moore the start of his route to vic­tory. Mustill fin­ished a dis­tant sec­ond, fol­lowed by An­thony and Mike Wilds’ Fer­rari 458 GT3.

The podium trio showed the merit of tak­ing part in the Brit­car Pro­duc­tion and GT Challenge open­ing race.

De­spite their en­durance show­ings, it was the Mosler MT900 of Javier Mor­cillo and Manuel Cin­trano that took vic­tory. Their clos­est rival, Dolby’s Lam­borgh­ini, picked up a punc­ture that ended his charge, hand­ing the Fer­rari 458 GT3 of Calum Lockie the race lead.

He man­aged to hold off the Mosler, with the two lead­ing cars pit­ting at the same time. Both tak­ing 90s suc­cess penal­ties, it came down to who could pull off the slick­est stop and Cin­trano re­turned ahead of Lockie’s team-mate David Ma­son.

Cin­trano pulled a siz­able ad­van­tage over Ma­son, enough to cover for a spin at Cobb, and can­tered to vic­tory.

The third placed Fer­rari of An­thony Wilds was able to make up sig­nif­i­cant ground to beat Ma­son to sec­ond late on.

For the sec­ond race, sev­eral cars with­drew in or­der to con­serve the car for the en­durance event.

With a de­pleted grid, there was a re­peat of the An­thony Wilds’ chase of David Ma­son, this time for the win.

Rus­sell Mc­carthy’s wait for an elu­sive maiden MGCC BCV8 win goes on af­ter James Wheeler twice pipped him to vic­tory.

Mc­carthy looked set to fi­nally break his duck in the sec­ond of the two races, lead­ing right up un­til the penul­ti­mate lap.

His rival Wheeler had held pole, but a smart move by Mc­carthy pushed him ahead and into a race-long bat­tle for vic­tory.

Mc­carthy re­pelled ev­ery­thing Wheeler threw at him un­til the lat­ter got an ex­cel­lent launch out of Sea­grave, draw­ing level on the ap­proach to the No­ble turn be­fore mak­ing a pass stick to se­cure vic­tory.

Their bat­tle in the first race was just as ex­cit­ing. Wheeler made a stronger start, but Robert Spencer’s ex­cel­lent launch meant he and Mc­carthy ran in a three-car lead train.

Spencer’s strong start would count for noth­ing later on. Af­ter pass­ing Mc­carthy for sec­ond he missed fifth gear twice and al­lowed Mc­carthy back through, but it was too late to challenge Wheeler.

A siz­able 40-car en­try made up the Nip­pon Challenge/deutsche Mar­que/tri­col­ore Trophy of­fer­ing, re­quir­ing savvy traf­fic man­age­ment on a packed cir­cuit.

Ner­i­jus Zabotka used all of his Subaru Im­preza’s grunt to take the win, mov­ing from ninth on the grid to seal top honours.

He looked set to make it two wins from two in the fi­nale, but slowed with a me­chan­i­cal is­sue late on to al­low Michael Ham­lett to win af­ter start­ing fourth.

De­spite a more con­cise grid, the MR2 Rac­ing Se­ries had the clos­est rac­ing at Thrux­ton.

Through­out both en­coun­ters, the top five were reg­u­larly within one sec­ond of each other and it was Adam Lockwood and Ar­ron Pul­lan who shared the race spoils.

Robert Spencer’s par­tic­i­pa­tion and even­tual win in the mighty Thor­ough­bred Sports Car race came about through a front bumper loan from rival Neil Fowler af­ter an in­ci­dent ear­lier in the week­end.

The two then pro­ceeded to bat­tle for the vic­tory, with Spencer tak­ing a nar­row win. They led home Alan Charl­ton’s Tri­umph TR6 snd Paul Khouri’s MG BGT.

at the start and end­ing the first lap in ninth. As a con­se­quence, his only rival in the ZR190 class, Robin Walker, led but he had dra­mas of his own on lap seven. “I lost all revs com­ing out of Ger­ard’s and had to drop it into third to keep mov­ing,” he said, af­ter re­tir­ing. That in­ci­dent al­lowed the re­cov­er­ing Cole through but sent cham­pi­onship leader Lee Sul­li­van over the grass in avoid­ance, cost­ing him two places.

Ten laps later Sul­li­van got ahead of Paul Luti for sec­ond in the ZR170 class by div­ing through on the in­side at Ger­ard’s. Richard Marsh, who had suf­fered hub fail­ure in prac­tice, de­fended stoutly, but ceded the class win (and sec­ond over­all) at the hair­pin two laps from the end.

Cole romped away with the sec­ond race, but the high­light was the fight for sec­ond and Class B vic­tory. Luti spent the best part of a lap along­side Sul­li­van mid-race, seal­ing the po­si­tion at the hair­pin. Sul­li­van au­da­ciously swept back through around the out­side at Ger­ard’s two laps later, be­fore Luti was rel­e­gated to fourth by Fer­gus Camp­bell, who sal­vaged what he could from an in­ci­dent-packed day. Wil­liam Payne, sec­ond in the points com­ing into the week­end, was com­fort­ably on top of the ZR160 di­vi­sion both times out.

Thomas Hal­li­well’s MG ZR dom­i­nated the first MG Cup en­counter af­ter some en­ter­tain­ing early ex­changes with the in­vi­ta­tion Rover Tom­cat of Richard Buck­ley, which re­tired af­ter seven laps of a restarted race. Tom Di­ment in­her­ited sec­ond in his ZR170, but the hard work of his team to re­pair dam­age af­ter a qual­i­fy­ing in­ci­dent went un­re­warded when he pulled in. Lewis An­der­son thus com­pleted the podium in his ZR170, fend­ing off James Walpole’s B.

Hal­li­well notched his sev­enth win of the year in race two af­ter again overcoming the ini­tial threat of Buck­ley, who this time placed sec­ond. Third po­si­tion even­tu­ally went to James Darby’s B, which seemed to get a sec­ond wind. An­der­son and Dave Thomp­son jos­tled him mid-race, but later slowed each other up be­fore An­der­son se­cured fourth at the Esses on the last tour.

Ross Makar con­verted his com­fort­able Cock­shoot Cup pole po­si­tion into an equally com­fort­able win, but he didn’t make it easy for him­self. Philip Stan­dish (TF LE500) made the best start from the out­side of row two to lead by Ger­ard’s Bend, with Makar also shuf­fled be­hind Ash­ley Wood­ward’s ZS. Makar (ZR190) re­trieved sec­ond at Devil’s El­bow on lap three, but it took an­other six laps to get the lead. He and Stan­dish ran side-by­side for half a lap be­fore Makar slot­ted through at the Esses, with Stan­dish shuf­fled back to fourth af­ter a sort-out at the hair­pin. Wood­ward fin­ished 9s adrift of Makar, with Gary Wet­ton (ZR190) get­ting the bet­ter of Stan­dish again on lap 12 to take third.

Tom Smith’s MGB was the clear win­ner of the Equipe GTS en­durance race. Rob Cull (TVR Gran­tura) had a stint in sec­ond un­til John An­don’s Tri­umph TR4 got back through. A lurid spin on the exit of Ger­ard’s dropped Cull to sixth in the last quar­ter of the race, but he climbed back to fourth, beaten to the fi­nal podium po­si­tion by Pete Foster (TR4).

James Dunk­ley led from lights-to-flag in the Mid­get/sprite Challenge – just. Graeme Adams, quicker through the hair­pin loop, came close to pass­ing him in the early stages, but he dropped away and be­hind the car of David We­ston (who him­self had emerged from a great fight with Martin Mor­ris, re­solved at the hair­pin on lap eight) mid-race. Adams’ ten­ta­tive at­tempt on sec­ond place at Ger­ard’s on the fi­nal lap came to noth­ing. Stephen Col­lier won Class B com­fort­ably in the end from Carl Chad­wick, but it all nearly went hor­ri­bly wrong ap­proach­ing Ger­ard’s on lap 11 when Peter Ken­ner­ley flew past both of them, then spun.

Brian Ar­cu­lus was shad­owed through­out the Iconic 50S/FISCAR race by Jonathan Smare, who made it a Lo­tus Elite one-two.

Padmore (6) topped clas­sic F1 David Tom­lin twice topped Fer­raris

Fors­brey and Newall’s Ford GT40 (186) took three-hour en­duro win Thun­der­ing Mclaren M8F Can-am ma­chine was un­beat­able twice

Henry Mann took the Pre 66 vic­tory

Brian Ar­cu­lus’s Lo­tus Elite took Equipe GTS vic­tory

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