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Was class per­son­i­fied all week­end, and we mean all week­end. The Bri­tish Grand Prix wasn’t just about the re­sult, it was Hamil­ton’s be­hav­iour off track that re­ally stood him out. Shirk­ing in­ter­views to climb fences and en­gage with fans, and then clam­ber­ing from his car and run­ning to­ward the grand­stands be­fore the podium was joy­ous to watch. Hamil­ton loved the sup­port, and the fans loved his ef­forts.


Pierre Gasly (FRA) An­to­nio Giov­inazzi (ITA) Oliver Rowland (GBR) Mitch Evans (NZL) Luca Ghiotto (ITA) Nobuharu Mat­sushita (JPN) Nor­man Nato (FRA) Jor­dan King (GBR) Raf­faele Mar­ciello (ITA) Artem Markelov (RUS)

11 Ni­cholas Lat­ifi (CAN) (DAMS) +34.220s; 12 Marvin Kirch­hofer (GER) (Car­lin) +34.409s; 13 Ser­gio Cana­masas (ESP) (Car­lin) +37.898s; 14 Arthur Pic (FRA) (Ra­pax) +42.610s; 15 Jimmy Eriks­son (SWE) (Ar­den In­ter­na­tional) +55.205s; 16 Alex Lynn (GBR) (DAMS) +56.604s; 17 Na­bil Jef­fri (MAL) (Ar­den In­ter­na­tional) +57.490s; 18 Sergey Sirotkin (RUS) (ART Grand Prix) +62.096s; 19 Daniel de Jong (NED) (MP Motorsport) +1m 23.661s; 20 Philo Paz Ar­mand (IND) (Tri­dent) +1m 39.764s; 21 Sean Galael (IND) (Per­tam­ina Cam­pos Rac­ing) -1 lap; 22 Gustav Malja (SWE) (Ra­pax) -1 lap. Pole Nato. Win­ner’s av­er­age speed 123.20mph. Fastest lap Evans 1m 43.172s (127.73mph). Race 2 (21 laps): 1 King 37m 35.325s; 2 Ghiotto +0.580s; 3 Rowland +11.664s; 4 Giov­inazzi +11.768s; 5 Mat­shushita +17.518s; 6 Mar­ciello +20.467s; 7 Gasly +23.126s; 8 Kirch­hofer 25.873s; 9 Cana­masas +26.721s; 10 Lat­ifi +27.370s; 11 Pic +28.061s; 12 Markelov +28.632s; 13 Evans +28.844s; 14 Lynn +29.598s; 15 Jef­fri +31.284s; 16 De Jong +32.249s; 17 Eriks­son +35.412s; 18 Galael +40.058s; 19 Malja +46.964s; 20 Ar­mand +1m 30.028s; 21 Sirotkin +1m 30.624s. PP King. Win­ner’s av­er­age speed 122.57mph. FL Ghiotto 1m 49.196s (126.46mph).

King sprinted away in Sun­day’s bat­tle GP2 Race 1: 29 laps

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