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The big thing about them is you can’t sur­prise them. You plan ahead. If you know what the car is go­ing to do and the car is per­form­ing to the con­cept you’ve laid out for it, they’re un­be­liev­able.

They are as quick as a [pe­riod] For­mula 1 car. What an F1 car will do is, if you miss the apex, you can hus­tle it like a big F2 car. You can’t do that in an F5000 car be­cause the mass be­hind you will just carry on.

They are pow­er­ful and have quite a bit of grip. By mod­ern stan­dards they have very im­ma­ture lev­els of down­force. It’s not like a ground ef­fects car, but you can feel it. If you go back and look at your his­tory books you very rarely see Brian Red­man or Mario An­dretti side­ways.

The high days for me were 1974-75, Mario against Al Unser against Brian Red­man in Amer­ica with free tyres. Over here they weren’t al­lowed to give the F5000 guys the same tyres the F1 guys got. That’s how Mario did a time at Watkins Glen that was right there with the pole win­ner for the GP; they had the tyres to com­pete.

In F5000 I think there’s no ques­tion that Mario was the fastest, but Brian was the best. Brian had an abil­ity to fin­ish again, again and again. With Mario so much broke.

Had­field says F5000 cars can be “un­be­liev­able”

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