Mcclure set for re­turn on lo­cal rally in Mit­subishi Lancer E9

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BTRDA NR4 fron­trun­ner Aaron Mcclure is set to re­turn to ral­ly­ing for the first time since April on the Grizedale Stages.

Mcclure rolled on the Som­er­set Stages, ef­fec­tively rul­ing him out of the rest of the sea­son.

“It’s been a long time, the car has taken lot longer than it should have done for rea­sons out of our con­trol,” ex­plained Mcclure. “We re­alised it wouldn’t be ready in time for the cham­pi­onship [BTRDA NR4], so we de­cided not to rush it. It’s not an easy job when you’re do­ing it on a Satur­day and Sunday and you have a day job. We’ve re­freshed every­thing. It’s ba­si­cally a new car.”

As well as not be­ing in the car for over six months, Mcclure will have to ad­just to a new driv­ing po­si­tion af­ter mak­ing the car right-hand drive.

“We’re not ex­pect­ing too much other than to get some miles on the clock,” added Mcclure. “I haven’t driven a right-hand­drive car in three years. We had no choice as it was the only shell I could get hold off.”

The York­shire­man isn’t cer­tain on a des­ti­na­tion for next year, but he said he is look­ing to re­turn to the BTRDA NR4 class.

“Look­ing at the com­pe­ti­tion it will likely be the most com­pet­i­tive cham­pi­onship in the UK,” Mcclure added.


1h4m21s +45s +1m27s +2m04s +2m52s +3m17s +3m22s +3m28s +3m28s +3m37s

Or­gan­iser: Epynt Mo­tor Club Novem­ber 5/6 Where: Mid-wales Cham­pi­onships: WAMC & AWMMC Route: 130 miles 75. 1 Kevin Davies/ Dale Bowen (Ford Es­cort) 1m29s; 2 Ste­fan ‘DR’ Davies/ Michael Gil­bey (Es­cort) +1m25s; 3 Reian Jones/ Cadog Davies (SEAT Ibiza); 4 Paul Tod/ Ger­wyn Barry (Subaru Im­preza); 5 Mike Roberts/ Dafydd-sion Lloyd (Es­cort); 6 Craig Judd/ Martin Phasey (Peu­geot 306 GTI-6); 7 Jordan Reynolds/jordan Dziad­ulewicz (Toy­ota Corolla GT); 8 Ian ‘Dude’ Roberts/ Gwawr Hughes (VW Golf GTI); 9 Matt Barker/john Con­nor (Peu­geot 206 GTI); 10 Mark Len­nox/ Ian Beau­mond (Ibiza). Class win­ners Reynolds/ Dziad­ulewicz; Aled Davies/ Guto Davies (206); Bled­dyn Richards/ Gareth Parry (Nis­san Mi­cra).

When: Starters:

The Bri­tish Truck Rac­ing Cham­pi­onship Di­vi­sion One ti­tle was de­cided at Brands Hatch last Satur­day, as new cham­pion Ryan Smith earned his ti­tle with a sec­ond-place fin­ish in race one, cross­ing the line al­most glued to the back of win­ner and 10-time cham­pion Stu­art Oliver.

Smith only needed two points from the race, but still har­ried his near­est ri­val – just miss­ing out on vic­tory by less than half a sec­ond. Smith won again in Sunday’s first race, though Oly Janes came close, ahead of Ray Cole­man in third. The last race was can­celled af­ter an ac­ci­dent off the start line, as Luke Garrett’s Re­nault briefly went air­borne and side­ways dur­ing a heart stop­ping few sec­onds.

The Pre-fi­nal on Sunday had Oliver and his son Michael fac­ing off for third place, but it was the fa­ther who claimed the spot. Smith won that en­counter, as Shane Br­ere­ton put in a fan­tas­tic race to fin­ish in sec­ond. The Fi­nal was a com­pletely dif­fer­ent story: the cir­cuit was wet, dark, and windy. Si­mon Reid’s Iveco was nearly half a minute ahead of sec­ond place David Jenk­ins, while Oliver Sr rounded off a con­sis­tent week­end with the third podium place. Adam Bint picked up a class vic­tory in the fi­nal, and even though things were all wrapped up for him, there was a di­verse and in­ter­na­tional en­try in Di­vi­sion Two.

Mika Maki­nen, four-time Fin­nish truck rac­ing cham­pion, claimed vic­tory on his first visit to Brands Hatch in the first of the class’s in­di­vid­ual races on Satur­day over Bel­gian broth­ers Frans and Rody Smit. Frans took vic­tory in the sec­ond race, with Rody third and Paul Mc­cumisky split­ting the pair, and re­peated the feat in the last Di­vi­sion Two race, on Sunday, over Maki­nen and Ryan Col­son.

On Satur­day’s first race in the Le­gends Cars Cham­pi­onship, Con­nor Mills nar­rowly missed out on vic­tory as Jack Parker took first place on the run to the line, while Se­bas­tian Kluyskens came third. Mills and Parker swapped places for Satur­day’s sec­ond race while series cham­pion, John Mickel, took third. Mickel then won the third race of Satur­day by inches over Thomas Grainger as Parker came third.

A change in day brought no change in re­sult as Mickel again won in Sunday’s first race, though Matthew Pape and Parker came close in sec­ond and third, re­spec­tively. Bri­tish Tour­ing Car Cham­pi­onship driver Rob Austin made a cameo with sec­ond in the next race even with brake prob­lems, trail­ing Mills who took his sec­ond vic­tory of the week­end. Parker ended the week­end with a win in the damp and dark fi­nal race con­di­tions, with Kluyskens thun­der­ing up from near the back of the grid to earn sec­ond, nar­rowly beat­ing third-place man Sean Smith.

The Pickup Truck Rac­ing Cham­pi­onship races took place on Sunday, with Fred­die Lee need­ing only the points for 14th to win the ti­tle. That proved to be no trou­ble at all, as he was gifted a fourth-place fin­ish in the first race as just 12 trucks started. For­mer BTCC racer Lea Wood won his fifth race of the sea­son, with Scott Bourne sec­ond and Paul Jones in third ahead of new cham­pion Lee.

Two-time series cham­pion Michael Smith won the sec­ond af­fair, hav­ing taken the lead at the start be­fore ce­ment­ing a com­fort­able gap. Bourne would have had an­other podium spot had he not made a late mis­take. Wood took third, los­ing sec­ond place late on to Carl Board­ley who out­braked Wood into the peren­ni­ally slip­pery Pad­dock Hill Bend.

Chris Bas­sett picked up a win in Satur­day’s first Tin Tops Cham­pi­onship race, the Peu­geot 205 GTI man en­joy­ing a size­able gap be­tween him and Daniel Fisher (Honda Civic Type R), de­spite Fisher clos­ing in to­wards the end. Robert Hosier was third and took a class vic­tory in his SEAT Leon. The sec­ond race was tougher, as Bas­sett and Fisher traded laps un­til coolant leaked onto Bas­sett’s front tyres and he spun out late on, hand­ing Fisher a first win of the sea­son. Mikey Day, in third, took the T3 class win.

The first of the In­ter­mar­que Cham­pi­onship races was a damp af­fair, with Ricky Hunn tak­ing vic­tory ahead of Mal­colm Black­man and Richard Smith. An­thony Ben­nett was the first of the Cater­hams to cross the line, win­ning his class and com­ing 14th over­all. Race two took place on a slowly dry­ing track, and pro­duced the best over­take of the week­end as Steve Bur­rows took third with a move around the out­side of Druids with cars three-wide. In sec­ond was Si­mon Smith, who took the lead in the first lap but lost it as Black­man charged through, win­ning by a wide mar­gin.

Dale Gent’s Subaru Im­preza com­fort­ably won both of Sunday’s Quaife Sa­loon Cham­pi­onship races, al­though the weather cut proceedings short with the sec­ond race red-flagged due to rain. Rod Bir­ley took the cham­pi­onship crown with a third then a sec­ond in his Ford Es­cort, while Re­nault Clio man Tony Skel­ton filled in the podium gaps, as he fin­ished sec­ond then third.

1 Stu­art Oliver (Volvo RH13); 2 Ryan Smith (MAN TGA) +0.421s; 3 Mat Sum­mer­field (MAN TGX); 4 Shane Br­ere­ton (MAN TGA Euro 6); 5 David Jenk­ins (MAN TGX); 6 Si­mon Reid (Iveco Stralis). Fastest lap Smith 1m01.340s (70.89mph). Pole S Oliver. Starters 11.

1 Smith; 2 Oly Janes (Bug­gryaFreight­liner Big-boy-16) +7.619s; 3 Ray Cole­man (MAN TG); 4 Br­ere­ton; 5 Jenk­ins; 6 Steve Pow­ell (MAN). Class win­ners Smith; Frans Smit (Sca­nia T112) FL Smith 1m01.748s (70.42mph). P Janes. S 16. Aban­doned.

1 Smith; 2 Br­ere­ton +2.366s; 3 S Oliver; 4 Sum­mer­field; 5 Michael Oliver (Sca­nia); 6 Janes. CW John Pow­ell (Ford Cargo) FL Smith 1m00.337s (72.07mph). P M Oliver. S 15. 1 Reid; 2 Jenk­ins +26.291s; 3 S Oliver; 4 Sum­mer­field; 5 Br­ere­ton; 6 Smith. CW Adam Bint (Volvo Aero­dyne) FL Reid 1m16.040s (57.18mph). P S Pow­ell. S 17.

1 Mika Maki­nen (Sisu SL250); 2 Frans Smit (Sca­nia T112) +0.216s; 3 Rody Smit (Volvo F12); 4 Si­mon Cole (Mercedes Truck); 5 Marco Donk (Volvo VM); 6 Manuel Ro­driguez (Volvo). FL Ro­driguez 1m12.530s (59.95mph). P F Smit. S 13.

1 F Smit; 2 Paul Mc­cumisky (Volvo FM12) +3.741s; 3 R Smit; 4 Ro­driguez; 5 Jim Ben­nett (Sed­don Atkin­son); 6 Donk. FL R Smit 1m04.334s (67.59mph). P Trevor Martin. S 14. 1 F Smit; 2 Maki­nen +8.108s; 3 Ryan Col­son (Foden Al­pha); 4 Mc­cumisky; 5 Adam Bint (Volvo Aero­dyne); 6 Ro­driguez. FL F Smit 1m03.213s (68.79mph). P John Pow­ell (Ford Cargo). S 14. Parker 55.853s (77.85mph). P Mickel. S 30.

1 Mills; 2 Rob Austin (Se­van) +1.308s; 3 Parker; 4 Kluyskens; 5 Robert King (34 Ford Coupe); 6 Mickel. FL Austin 55.705s (78.06mph). P Smith. S 30.

1 Parker +4.997s; 2 Kluyskens; 3 Smith; 4 Mills; 5 Grainger; 6 Austin. FL Kluyskens 1m12.723s (59.79mph). P Nathan An­thony (Se­van). S 30.

1 Lea Wood; 2 Scott Bourne +0.420s; 3 Paul Jones; 4 Fred­die Lee; 5 Mark Wil­lis; 6 David Weaver. FL Bourne 52.433s (82.93mph). P David O Re­gan. S 12. 1 Michael Smith; 2 Carl Board­ley +1.089s; 3 Wood; 4 Bourne; 5 O Re­gan; 6 Antony Hawkins. FL Board­ley 52.206s (83.29mph). P Smith. S 16.

1 Chris Bas­sett (Peu­geot 205 GTI); 2 Daniel Fisher (Honda Civic Type R) +5.337s; 3 Robert Hosier (SEAT Leon); 4 Vic Hope (Honda Civic Type R); 5 Mikey Day (Citroen Saxo); 6 Danny Brooker (Mini Cooper S). CW Hosier; Day; Clif­ford Pellin (Ford ST150). FL Fisher 56.763s (76.70mph). P Bas­sett. S 22.

1 Fisher; 2 Bas­sett +7.298s; 3 Day; 4 James Al­ford (Re­nault Clio 172); 5 Trevor Col­lar (Honda Civic Type R); 6 Steve Ever­son (Citroen Saxo). CW Day; Pellin; Rod Bir­ley (Mini Cooper). FL Bas­sett 55.087s (78.94mph). P Bas­sett. S 20.

1 Ricky Hunn (VW Cor­rado); 2 Mal­colm Black­man (Vaux­hall Ti­gra) +2.507s; 3 Richard Smith (Mercedes SLK); 4 Ian Hales (Vaux­hall Ti­gra); 5 Steve Bur­rows (Peu­geot 206cc); 6 Si­mon Smith (BMW Z4). CW An­thony Ben­nett (Cater­ham R300). FL Hales 59.287s (73.34mph). P Smith. S 25. 1 Black­man; 2 Si­mon Smith +11.161s; 3 Bur­rows; 4 Michael Thur­ley (Vaux­hall Ti­gra); 5 Keith White (BMW Z4); 6 Hales. CW Colin Wat­son (Cater­ham C400). FL Black­man 49.260s (88.27mph). P Philip Young (Mit­subishi Colt). S 26.

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