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The bulk of Gul’s mask is made up of its tem­pered glass lenses, so when tak­ing a quick dip off the bathing plat­form, you get max­i­mum vi­sion with­out see­ing too much of the sil­i­con skirt that locks water out. The snorkel has a sil­i­con mouth­piece, splash­guard, snorkel keeper and purge valve.

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The bore tube on the Pro Adult Combo Set’s snorkel is pretty large and the top is de­signed to min­imise water ingress, mak­ing breath­ing un­der­wa­ter a breeze – which is the whole the idea. The purge valve is easy clear­ing and like the Gul, the lens is tem­pered safety glass. It comes in blue, sil­ver, yel­low, pink and ev­ery­body’s favourite colour, ‘stealth’.

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We love the look of Mares’ Vento set. But will it give you gills? Well, yes, and then some. The soft silicone mouth­piece pro­vides com­fort on ex­tended snorkelling ex­pe­di­tions while the sys­tem of EZ skirt buck­les al­low speedy ad­just­ment of the mask’s straps. Cost £29 See


Par­ents of young boaters keen to prac­tise their snorkelling skills can rest easy. The Glide Ju­nior is safe and com­fort­able, the silicone strap is hy­poal­ler­genic, and the TPR mask seal makes it su­per wa­ter­tight, so there’s no ex­cuse for whing­ing. Also comes in blue. Cost £19 See


The Tusa’s Serene UC-1625QB mask moulds to your face like a glove to a hand. The Serene has a one-win­dow wide field of vi­sion and the snorkel fea­tures TUSA Hyper­dry Elite tech­nol­ogy that stops water en­ter­ing, a large-ca­pac­ity drain cham­ber and purge valve for easy clear­ing, and a com­fort­able hy­poal­ler­genic silicone swivel and mouth­piece. Cost £54 See

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