Five rea­sons why you should do a track­day…

If you’re un­sure about book­ing a track day or have never con­sid­ered do­ing one, check out our five rea­sons why you should book one... to­day.

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1 Chance to learn new skills

“It’s all about find­ing the limit of you and your bike.” You may well hear this from friends and fam­ily when think­ing about a track day – but it’s not. Find­ing your limit in­volves go­ing past it, which in turn usu­ally means fall­ing off – not some­thing you want to do – in­stead think of your ex­pe­ri­ence as a way to try things out. Take ad­van­tage of the fact there is noth­ing com­ing the other way, the nice big run off ar­eas and a to­tally smooth sur­face.

2 Ride iconic race tracks

Mo­tor­cy­cle rac­ing is cool – so imag­ine the chance to ride a cir­cuit that your rac­ing idol has weaved their way around. It doesn’t have to be in the UK ei­ther, there are com­pa­nies who of­fer track days around the globe. Of­ten to get the chance to ride around the track just once is enough to tick it off your list, but if more laps are on of­fer then you’d be men­tal not to take them…

3 It’s safer than rid­ing on the road… hon­est

One of the big­gest fears that peo­ple have about do­ing a track day is fall­ing off, but in re­al­ity, there are ac­tu­ally fewer haz­ards on the track than there are on the road. What’s bet­ter is that you will be rid­ing the same route ev­ery lap, so you can try new things and see if they work. You’re en­cour­aged to fold in your mir­rors or tape them up, to stop the temp­ta­tion of spend­ing more time look­ing be­hind you in­stead of in front. Be aware of peo­ple around you but it’s their re­spon­si­bil­ity to over­take safely.

Yes, peo­ple fall off on track days but it’s of­ten a case of them over­es­ti­mat­ing their abil­ity. Rid­ing out of the pit­lane onto the track can make you feel like your rac­ing hero – but don’t think that you will in­stantly be able to ride like them.

4 Go as fast as you like. Legally.

Rid­ing fast is fun. Ad­mit it, we knowyou like it, be­cause we do too. Rid­ing fast on the road is fraught with dan­gers such as ve­hi­cles com­ing out of en­trances or across junc­tions, mud on the road and ob­vi­ously break­ing the law­isn’t some­thing you should do. On the track, ev­ery­one is go­ing the same way, there isn’t any­thing that will pull out on you and there are no speed lim­its to stick to – so make the most of it! Just re­mem­ber to re­cal­i­brate if you’re rid­ing home.

5 You can do it on any bike

You may think that turn­ing up on your road bike is a mis­take – it’s not. By do­ing a track day on your road bike, you can get to knowit bet­ter and ‘bond’. Learn what it feels like when you brake hard into a cor­ner, lean it over so that the foot­peg scraps on the floor and get used to know­ing that it will be okay. Then, should you need to use it on the road, you will have the con­fi­dence in tip­ping it into that cor­ner that you’ve gone into a bit hot, in­stead of grab­bing the front brake and sit­ting it up straight.

Safer than rid­ing on the road, which re­ally helps you to de­velop your bike skills.

Maria (bob­ble hat) gives great in­struc­tion on body po­si­tion to a cus­tomer (cap).

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