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It may weigh just 1570g, but the flip-front C3 Pro is no light­weight when it comes to fea­tures.

The Pro has 23 changes from the orig­i­nal Schu­berth C3 – in­clud­ing a rear spoiler, re­duced noise lev­els, im­proved ven­ti­la­tion and re­vised liner and cheek pads – and the fe­male ver­sion that I have on test has been spe­cially de­signed to fit ladies’ fa­cial shapes per­fectly.

It’s got a mi­crolock fas­tener which al­lows you to get the per­fect close fit and also for the girls, there is a Cool­max liner which has In­ter­power coat­ings for wick­ing away mois­ture – i.e. get­ting rid of sweat – and which pre­vents stain­ing from make-up. The lin­ers are fully re­mov­able and wash­able too.

There’s an in­te­grated sun vi­sor which is op­er­ated by us­ing an eas­ily ac­ces­si­ble slider at the bot­tom of the chin bar which is per­fect to flick down when the sun is shin­ing. The vents – one on the chin bar and one on the top of the hel­met – can be opened to get some fresh air in.

I love the at­ten­tion to de­tail on the lid. It must have been de­signed by some­one who is per­nick­ety about their gear just like I am… I love that the top vent can be popped off to clean the flies out and the vi­sor has an easy-peasy chang­ing mech­a­nism. There are two re­flec­tive patches on the rear of the hel­met too on the lining – which help raise your lev­els of visibility at night too.

Noise can be an is­sue in hel­mets – it’s very rare that I ever ride with­out earplugs – how­ever, I tried it on the Schu­berth and was sur­prised with the re­sults. It’s one of the qui­etest on the mar­ket dur­ing testing thanks to an ‘in­te­grated acous­tic col­lar’ – which is the posh way of say­ing the gap for you to get your head into the hel­met is small.

Just 82dB(A) at 100kph was mea­sured on a mo­tor­cy­cle with­out fair­ing. A lot of wind noise gets into a hel­met by air com­ing up into the hel­met un­der the chin. Hav­ing a small hole and a chin cur­tain helps to pre­vent this. As a re­sult, you can’t get the hel­met on your head with­out open­ing the flip front – but you soon get used to that.

Schu­berth hel­mets have a two year war­ranty – TranAm has ex­tended it to five years if you buy in the UK and reg­is­ter the prod­uct on its web­site.

For those want­ing to fit a com­mu­ni­ca­tion sys­tem, there are two in­te­grated an­ten­nas and op­ti­mised FM-Ra­dio re­cep­tion.

It comes with an anti-fog Pin­lock in­sert in­cluded and I have a darker vi­sor for the sum­mer months too. Avail­able in sizes XXS-M, I have the pearl white op­tion – priced at £529.99 – but it’s also avail­able in matt black for £499.99, pink for £529.99 and a colour scheme called ‘Eu­pho­ria’ which re­tails for £549.99.

The ver­sion for the guys comes packed with all the same fea­tures ex­cept for the In­ter­pow­der coat­ing on the lining and it’s avail­able in sizes XXS-3XL and 14 colour op­tions.

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