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Star t with a great cleanser. Skin should be cleansed morn­ing and night, whether you wear make-up or not. Skip your morn­ing cleanse and even the best of foun­da­tions won’t sit well, with skin look­ing tired and lack­lus­tre. Sleep­ing in make-up ac­cel­er­ates the age­ing process, slow­ing down cell re­newal to leave a layer of dull, dr y, de­cid­edly un-ra­di­ant skin to show the world the next day.

Clar­ins Cleans­ing Duo for Nor­mal & Dry Skin, £35.70, has all the soft­en­ing proper ties of Alpine herbs to pro­mote sup­ple­ness and elas­tic­ity for ma­ture com­plex­ions. Sweep over with toner af­ter cleans­ing to tighten pores and re­fresh.

Parched, de­hy­drated skins will ben­e­fit from a cleans­ing oil. Su­per­drug Vi­ta­min E Dual Phase Cleans­ing Oil, £2.99, re­moves both face and eye make-up plus pam­pers skin that’s had too much sea and sun.

Op­ti­mum Phy­toEn­er­gise Gly­colic Cleans­ing Pads, £9.99, have a se­cret in­gre­di­ent ex­tracted from sea­weed to re-en­er­gise, leav­ing skin fresh and smooth. Tr y them for an even­ing cleanse (a few times a week is enough for sen­si­tive com­plex­ions*) for an im­me­di­ate anti-age­ing ef fect.


Don’t skimp on mois­turiser – ever y skin type needs it. Your day­time mois­tur­is­ing cream should pro­tect the skin from en­vi­ron­men­tal agers. Pol­lu­tion, UV light and free rad­i­cals (air­borne mol­e­cules that can ad­versely im­pact cell pro­duc­tion) can all be hugely detri­men­tal to skin con­di­tion. M&S For­mula Re­store Day Cream, £12.50, pro­vides SPF 20.

Op­ti­mum Anti-Gly­ca­tion Anti-Age­ing Day Cream, £12.99, is packed with key in­gre­di­ents to re­verse free rad­i­cal dam­age and gives skin a lu­mi­nous glow. Night times are for re­pair­ing skin, so do opt for a richer for­mu­la­tion and ap­ply re­li­giously be­fore bed. Boots No 7 Pro­tect & Per­fect in­tense Ad­vanced Night Cream of fers fab­u­lous anti-age­ing ben­e­fits for a rea­son­able £25.00.


Add a serum to your rou­tine to give skin a fuel in­jec­tion of restor­ing good­ies. Top of the serum game is Clar­ins Dou­ble Serum, £57.00, which can be used morn­ing and night un­der mois­turiser. Serums are like a pep pill for “meh” com­plex­ions, in­ten­si­fy­ing the ef­fi­ciency of your other skin­care. Best of the bud­get bunch is nspa Ex­pert Re­ju­ve­nat­ing Serum, £10.00.

Ex­fo­li­ate skin with a pol­ish­ing scrub a few times weekly. Older skin sheds slower so an ex­fo­lia­tor will gen­tly re­move dull, dead cells to re­veal the younger, glowy skin be­neath them. M&S For­mula Ad­vanced Daily Ex­fo­li­at­ing Mi­cro Pow­der, £8.00, is as good as any­thing.

Pop on a lovely mois­tur­is­ing mask post-scrub to leave skin smooth and hy­drated. Su­per­drug Vi­ta­min E Leave-on Mois­ture Mask, £2.99 ,hasa de­li­cious, feath­erlight tex­ture and can just be mas­saged in af­ter use.


Keep the del­i­cate eye area hy­drated with an eye cream. Tr y nspa Bright­en­ing Eye Cream, £6.00.

Mas­sage your com­plex­ion night and morn­ing. Use gen­tle, cir­cu­lar, up­wards move­ments to stim­u­late cir­cu­la­tion af­ter mois­tur­is­ing.

Look out for the fab­u­lous mul­ti­task­ing prod­ucts on the mar­ket just now. Op­ti­mum Phy­toEn­er­gise 3 in 1 Mois­ture Balm, Primer and Mask, £14.99, is a base for make-up, a nour­ish­ing night cream and can be used as a hy­drat­ing mask.

Hy­drate from within for skin that looks plumped and smooth. Get into the habit of sip­ping wa­ter through­out the day. Just a small glass can change the ap­pear­ance of your com­plex­ion al­most in­stantly.

Clar­ins Beauty Flash Balm, £32.00, is ra­di­ance in a tube. Pop it un­der your make-up for a mag­i­cal up­lift!

“Use a high fa­cial SPF the day af­ter a Gly­colic cleanse as sen­si­tiv­ity to sun may be in­creased”

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