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Dawn Bres­lin is a lead­ing light in the field of coach­ing and per­sonal trans­for­ma­tion. In her work as a TV and ra­dio pre­sen­ter, best-sell­ing au­thor, in­spi­ra­tional speaker and me­dia con­sul­tant, she has in­spired thou­sands to heal and re-en­er­gise and their lives. www.dawn­bres­

Dear Dawn,

I lost my mum about a year and a half ago, but I don’t seem to have moved on at all. I think about her all the time and feel re­ally guilty if I even start to en­joy my­self. I go to bed think­ing about her and I wake up in the night think­ing about her.

Mum and I had a good re­la­tion­ship in the years be­fore she died, but we lost our way for a while when I was younger and it haunts me. I just feel com­pletely lost in my grief. What can I do?


Dawn Says

I feel your an­guish, but look­ing for help is the big­gest step to­wards mak­ing a change – well done. Par­ent/child re­la­tion­ships are of­ten dif­fi­cult as the par­ent and the child have dif­fer­ent ex­pec­ta­tions, emo­tions, de­sires and fears. The path can be rocky as young adults sep­a­rate from par­ents’ views to gain in­de­pen­dence. The key to let­ting go your guilt is to find a way to for­give your­self. You have suf­fered enough.

I’m glad you found a place of har­mony in your re­la­tion­ship be­fore your mum died. It may help you change the way you feel if you fo­cus on the good times you shared. List of all the mem­o­ries you are grate­ful for and through­out the day, and when you wake in the night, re-read these pos­i­tive thoughts to re­train your mind.

Do you think your mum would have wanted you to stop liv­ing your life fully? Imag­ine you are her, and write a let­ter from her to you, al­low­ing her voice to ex­press how she would like you to live your life from to­day. This process feels ex­tremely nur tur­ing if we al­low the words to flow. Again, keep this note close and read it reg­u­larly. Heidi Dore is a yoga and shi­atsu prac­ti­tioner, work­ing from a beau­ti­ful coun­try set­ting in Balmerino in Fife. She has stud­ied yoga and shi­atsu ex­ten­sively and be­lieves pas­sion­ately in the power of gen­tle heal­ing to boost your mind, en­ergy and mood. See www.yo­gashiat­sus­cot­

Dear Heidi,

I am re­ally hop­ing you can help me. I am com­pletely at my wits’ end! I used to be able to eat any­thing I liked, but since reach­ing my 40s, I have started to get hor­ri­ble in­di­ges­tion and heart­burn prob­lems. I am now re­ally un­com­fort­able nearly all of the time and it is af­fect­ing what I eat. My stom­ach feels as if it is tied up in knots nearly all the time – and it sticks out like a drum… Now my back is hurt­ing too. Help! Susie

Heidi Says

Bal­ance your diet with cooling foods such as cu­cum­ber, pears or greens, and I highly rec­om­mend a daily desser tspoon­ful of bar­ley grass. Bloat­ing, in­di­ges­tion and hear tburn in­di­cate ex­cess heat in the body and a pos­si­ble gall­blad­der im­bal­ance which may be caused by too much sweet, greasy food. Mind­ful eat­ing is as im­por tant as what you ac­tu­ally con­sume, so make time to en­joy your meal.

Tr y ac­tive re­lax­ation. Your symp­toms may be stress-re­lated.

Soothe and cool your body with gen­tle ex­er­cise such as a stroll in the park. Choose an ac­tiv­ity you find en­joy­able. Gen­tle yoga stretches such as Cat Cow Pose will ease back pain. I would also rec­om­mend spend­ing at least five min­utes a day ly­ing flat on the floor with your legs raised on a chair. This will calm the ner ves, soothe the di­ges­tion, re­lax the back mus­cles and boost en­ergy lev­els.

You can also tr y some do-it-your­self acu­pres­sure. Shi­atsu uses the pres­sure point Stom­ach 25 (also known as Heaven’s Pivot) to re­lieve bloat­ing. Ly­ing on your back, place three fin­gers along­side the cen­tre of the belly but­ton. The point is at the edge of the last fin­ger. Ap­ply pres­sure, take three full re­laxed breaths and re­lease. Re­peat three times, twice a day.

“List all the mem­o­ries you are grate­ful for”

Visit Pa­tri­cia Iris Kerins’ web­site for more in­for­ma­tion and guid­ing and heal­ing your spirit and many other sub­jects to do with your In­ner bal­ance, soul and self­em­pow­er­ment.­tri­ci­ or join her on Face­book at @themag­dalenekey

Dear Pa­tri­cia,

I am scared to ac­knowl­edge my spir­i­tual side. I have a masters de­gree in en­gi­neer­ing and tech­nol­ogy and this log­i­cal part of me is at odds to my ex­pe­ri­ences where I seem to feel what oth­ers feel. I have been quite ill for many years and I think this dis­cord may be con­tribut­ing. I was taught in church that the oc­cult is bad and that spir­its should be left alone. I’m still work­ing on this years later!


Pa­tri­cia Says

Great ques­tion! Our ed­u­ca­tion sys­tem mas­sages the left brain, the side that deals with logic and struc­ture. It bom­bards you with the ques­tions WHY and HOW? It is scep­ti­cal and doesn’t trust any­thing it can­not ra­tion­ally ex­plain. This isn’t a bad thing in pro­por tion; how­ever, turned up too loud it can mean you are over think­ing, over whelmed and putting your­self un­der stress lead­ing to dis­ease.

It also means you are not lis­ten­ing to your hear t. It also wants a voice in your life, to guide you to your hear t’s de­sires.

In our for­ma­tive years we are bom­barded with the teach­ings from re­li­gions, schools and par­ents.

“You can choose to sus­pend the chat­ter of the mind”

Re­li­gions in par tic­u­lar have sought to con­trol, dom­i­nate and di­vide, mak­ing sure that any per­sonal ex­pe­ri­ence you have of Spirit is sup­pressed! They in­stil fear that if you lis­ten to your in­ner prompt­ings, some­thing aw­ful is go­ing to hap­pen – which is sim­ply not true.

When you learn to lis­ten to your hear t, you can qui­eten and sus­pend the in­ces­sant mon­key-chat­ter of the mind. A peace­ful, serene en­ergy can and does en­ter in.

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