A £2bn man­made graf­fitti

North Wales Weekly News - - YOUR VIEWS - Brian Christ­ley, Abergele

WE were hor­ri­fied to see ISIL fa­nat­ics de­stroy­ing some of mankind’s most pre­cious cul­tural ar­ti­facts through­out Iraq and Syria, yet we al­most con­done the de­struc­tion of some of na­ture’s ir­re­place­able won­ders, whose sheer beauty have inspired gen­er­a­tions over thou­sands of years; one of which is the once out­stand­ing seascape to the east of Llan­dudno which has been van­dalised to sat­isfy the ego of hap­less politi­cians and the greed of a hand­ful of spec­u­la­tors.

Al­most as sick­en­ing was the smirk on the face of Wales’s First Min­is­ter at the of­fi­cial open­ing of the £2bn, Gwynt y Mor wind farm which has de­stroyed one of the won­ders of na­ture; then, to add in­sult to in­jury, he en­dorsed the scam that it will power 400,000 homes!

Even if the wind was blow­ing, not gust­ing, con­tin­u­ally at an op­ti­mum force so that all the gen­er­a­tors were pro­vid­ing their max­i­mum power, each of these homes would be ex­pected to man­age on just 1440 watts (2.5 homes to boil one ket­tle), if it is so good why do they come out with such non­sense.

As I look out from my home at this £2bn man­made graf­fiti each day, I can tell those who can­not see it from Cardiff, that since they have been in­stalled, they have spent most of their time idle or idling, con­sum­ing power from the grid to turn them into wind, run­ning their hy­draulics and heat­ing them when­ever the tem­per­a­ture drops. It is hard to be­lieve we once led the world in science and tech­nol­ogy, and hon­esty!

Gwynt y Mor wind farm off the North Wales Coast

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