Spe­cial, even by Fer­rari Stan­dardS

By the late 1960s, coach­built spe­cials on Fer­rari chas­sis were on the wane – but this unique ver­sion of the Day­tona was an ex­cep­tion

Octane - - FERRARI DAYTONA SPECIALE - Words and Pho­tog­ra­Phy Win­ston Good­fel­low

This 1969 Fer­rari Day­Tona Spe­ciale stands at the cross­roads of au­to­mo­tive his­tory. Two ma­jor trends were play­ing out when it was cre­ated and, in­trigu­ingly, this one-off in many ways sig­ni­fied the end points in both.

The story be­gins in 1966, when the Day­tona was con­ceived – but in Turin and not Fer­rari’s home base of Maranello. That’s when 28-yearold stylist Leonardo Fio­ra­vanti was in the early years of his me­te­oric rise in Pin­in­fa­rina’s de­sign depart­ment, and hap­pened upon an un­clothed Fer­rari chas­sis for the first time. ‘It was a 330 GTC-GTS,’ he joy­fully re­called, ‘and [it] struck me as some­thing re­ally unique.’

That chance en­counter sparked a se­ri­ous creative urge, and soon Fio­ra­vanti’s pen was sweep­ing across the prover­bial blank sheet of paper. ‘I wanted to faith­fully fol­low the shape and di­men­sions of the mechanical un­der­pin­nings,’ he said, ‘with ex­treme at­ten­tion paid to the aero­dy­nam­ics. The first drafts, and the more spe­cific sketches I made later, re­ally pleased Ser­gio Pin­in­fa­rina.’

Although the up-and-com­ing de­signer didn’t re­alise it, the tim­ing of his sketch­ing binge could not have been bet­ter. In mid-1966, many thought Fer­rari would go mid-en­gined with its next top of­fer­ing, as Maranello had been dom­i­nat­ing en­durance rac­ing with the con­fig­u­ra­tion since 1963.

Pin­in­fa­rina had al­ready de­signed the Le Mans-win­ning 250 LM, and the car­rozze­ria had shown a po­ten­tial mid-en­gined street Fer­rari with the very first Dino pro­to­type at

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