Masks only re­duce Covid risk, not stop it

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COULD I make what I feel is a very im­por­tant point about face masks in your splen­did news­pa­per.

Face masks only re­duce the spread of Covid-19. They are not fool­proof. I feel this fact can­not be stressed greatly enough and should be pub­li­cised more greatly.

I saw on so­cial me­dia a com­ment by some­one re­fer­ring to “id­iots with­out masks” in a Widnes store. I have seen pre­vi­ous com­ments with a sim­i­lar tone.

Per­haps those who post such com­ments are them­selves id­iots go­ing out shop­ping given that masks only re­duce the risk of spread­ing the virus.

If they feel so strongly about the spread of Covid-19 then “stay at home” which was the Govern­ment’s mes­sage un­til very re­cently. Make ar­range­ments for sus­te­nance to be de­liv­ered. Home de­liv­er­ies in­volve no risk what­so­ever.

It is dou­ble stan­dards for peo­ple to use wear­ing a mask as a pre­text to shop or so­cialise. They are still putting oth­ers at risk even if the risk in the­ory is re­duced.


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