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I would like to ex­press my views and con­cerns over an ar­ti­cle in the Septem­ber 5 PA about Smart Park­ing.

Hav­ing read the ar­ti­cle a cou­ple of times I find it hard to fathom why Ros­alind Robb has the need to com­plain or even make an is­sue re­gard­ing her prob­lem con­sid­er­ing she ad­mits from the start that she was wrong.

I quote:“The mum of two ad­mits she failed to pay for the full amount for her stay.”

She also reck­ons that the sys­tem is un­fair as it re­lies on the mo­torist re­mem­ber­ing what time they ar­rived so they can work out how much they need to pay upon leav­ing.

I use the car park on a reg­u­lar ba­sis and even I have no­ticed and read the sig­nage.

There are also two ex­tra no­tices on each ticket ma­chine in­form­ing you to make note of the time you ar­rive as you re­quire this to al­low you to cal­cu­late your length of stay for you to pay the cor­rect amount of tar­iff, so are we to as­sume she didn’t check the sig­nage, no­tices, or even look at the ma­chines un­til she re­turned and no­ticed her mis­take which lead to her er­ror.

She also states, and again I quote:“They don’t give you a ticket with the time go­ing in and they don’t give you a ticket when you’re com­ing out”.

Again she is wrong on this part. Firstly as I as­sume she chose to pay on re­turn (leav­ing), she wouldn’t need to be given a ticket as all she is re­quired to do is re­mem­ber her ar­rival time (which she didn’t do). Se­condly she will have been is­sued a ticket when she paid for her park­ing on re­turn, which I again as­sume she did do so as she ad­mit­ted at the start she didn’t pay enough - the ticket is also a re­ceipt and proof of pay­ment.

If she had read the sig­nage or even ap­proached a staff mem­ber with her con­cerns they would have been only to happy to as­sist her, as I my­self have done so in the past. It also states on the sig­nage you can pay for your park­ing at any point be­fore leav­ing the car park with your ve­hi­cle. You can also pay for some of your park­ing on ar­rival and the re­main­der when you re­turn to leave (top up).

I see hun­dreds of mem­bers of the pub­lic us­ing this car park ev­ery day with­out is­sue and on the odd oc­ca­sion some of them ask­ing for as­sis­tance from staff and re­ceiv­ing it.

Do we now live in a so­ci­ety where we need to be told ev­ery­thing or have ev­ery­thing done for us, whereas just say­ing“can you help me please, I’m not sure what to do”goes a long way to solve our prob­lems.

I ad­mit the sys­tem isn’t per­fect but it works and gives mem­bers of the pub­lic like my­self a wider scope for pay­ing. The old pay and dis­play sys­tem was ok but you ei­ther paid for more park­ing than you needed, or you didn’t pay enough and had to leave, which wasn’t very good if you were out for a meal with fam­ily or friends and had to cut it short be­cause your time was run­ning out. This sys­tem gives you the choice to pay for all of your park­ing on ar­rival if you know how long you will be, some of your park­ing on ar­rival, en­joy your meal or what­ever you were do­ing as a fam­ily or with friends and pay for the rest on re­turn, or even if you choose, you can pay for all your park­ing when you re­turn, re­mem­ber­ing to note your ar­rival time.

My feel­ings are if she had asked for as­sis­tance in the first place she wouldn’t of even had an is­sue . Ian Black


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