Dirty Dan Pro­posed Then Cheated

En­gaged and ex­pect­ing, Chantelle was soon to find out the truth...

Pick Me Up! Special - - Front Page - Chantelle Cot­tam, 29, Dar­wen, Lancs

Imet Danny Thomas at a kids’ Hal­loween party in 2012. Gor­geous, cheeky, charm­ing – just my type! I was a sin­gle mum to Ma­son, then 3, and Har­ley, 2. ‘I’ve got two boys as well,’ Danny told me, proudly.

And he was sin­gle, hav­ing split from his ex-girl­friend.

When he took me out for din­ner a few weeks later, we got on re­ally well.

Danny swept me off my feet and, by Christ­mas, he’d met my boys and moved in. Then, on Valen­tine’s Day 2013… ‘Marry me!’ Danny blurted, out of the blue. ‘Yes,’ I said, thrilled. It was very quick, but things felt right with Danny. We picked out a di­a­mond en­gage­ment ring.

Danny played footy with the boys, and I was glad they had a

He swept me off my feet and, by Christ­mas, moved in

man in their lives again. We were happy. That May, I fell preg­nant. Danny was there for every scan and, with four boys be­tween us, we were ex­cited to dis­cover we were ex­pect­ing a girl.

Only, two weeks later, we were watch­ing telly to­gether.

Danny was tex­ting his ex about their kids and they got into an ar­gu­ment. He was show­ing me the mes­sages. We didn’t have se­crets. Or so I thought… Be­cause then an­other mes­sage flashed up.

I’ll tell Chantelle what you’ve done, was the gist.

‘What does she mean?’ I cried.

‘Noth­ing,’ he said, sud­denly de­fen­sive.

But my mind flashed back to a week­end just be­fore I fell preg­nant.

Danny had stayed away for the night. He’d said he was vis­it­ing his kids, but now I was sus­pi­cious.

So I called his ex and she ad­mit­ted that they had slept to­gether that week­end. Dev­as­tated, I hung up. ‘She’s ly­ing,’ Danny raged, when I con­fronted him about it. ‘Noth­ing hap­pened.’ But I didn’t be­lieve him. ‘Get out,’ I told him. Danny went to stay with a mate, but phoned the next day, still deny­ing it.

‘Just ad­mit it, and maybe we can move on,’ I said. Fi­nally, the truth tum­bled out. ‘I’m sorry,’ he said. He claimed it’d only hap­pened once, that he didn’t re­mem­ber, he was drunk.

He said it was the worst mis­take of his life.

My tears fell as he made ex­cuses, begged for for­give­ness. Pa­thetic. I was six months preg­nant, we were en­gaged. How could he? I’d strug­gled as a sin­gle mum be­fore and I didn’t know if I could cope again. I felt heart­bro­ken, yet vul­ner­a­ble, and I des­per­ately wanted us to be a fam­ily.

‘I can’t for­give you,’ I said. ‘But I’ll try and for­get.’

So Danny moved back in, promised never to cheat again.

And, in Jan­uary 2014, I gave birth to Mil­lie-jorge.

Danny was by my side and cut the um­bil­i­cal cord.

We were both ut­terly in love with our lit­tle girl, and Danny was a hands-on dad.

He got a new job in a ware­house – fi­nally, it felt like we’d set­tled down prop­erly.

It was a shock when I fell preg­nant again when Mil­lie-jorge was just 4 months old. ‘We’ll cope,’ Danny said. To cel­e­brate, we set our wed­ding date for Septem­ber 2015.

We booked the regis­ter of­fice,

It turned out Danny had told her he was sin­gle

planned a re­cep­tion. I bought a beau­ti­ful, white wed­ding gown.

‘Soon I’ll be Mrs Thomas,’ I told my friends.

In Jan­uary, Danny had ar­ranged to stay away for the night for some­one’s birth­day.

They’d planned to go for din­ner, play some snooker.

‘I’ll text you when we get in,’ Danny promised. Only he didn’t. By 9pm, his phone was off. I couldn’t help pic­tur­ing him with an­other woman.

The next day, he came home mid-af­ter­noon.

‘My phone bat­tery died,’ he laughed. ‘We were home by about 11.30pm.’

But a few weeks later, I spot­ted a mes­sage on Danny’s Face­book when we were sit­ting to­gether. It was from a girl. Ask­ing when he was go­ing to come out again.

‘Who’s that?’ I asked, wor­ried.

Danny promised it was just an old friend, but I didn’t be­lieve it.

The fol­low­ing day, I searched for her name on Face­book and sent her a mes­sage. She quickly replied. It turned out Danny had told her he was sin­gle, taken her back to the house he was stay­ing at. She ad­mit­ted they’d been in bed, fooled around, and she said Danny had tried it on.

If I’d let him, he deffo would have slept with me, she wrote. Lit­tle rat, I wrote back. I was seven months preg­nant and he’d cheated again.

I con­fronted Danny. He de­nied it.

My hor­mones all over the place, I felt an­gry and be­trayed – but most of all scared of be­ing alone. Af­ter all, they’d not had sex. So I tried to move on. Hol­lie-mae was born in March 2015, with Danny by my side.

But our re­la­tion­ship was rocky and we bick­ered a lot.

I felt I’d no choice but to can­cel the wed­ding for now.

Then, when Hol­lie-mae was 5 months old, Danny spent the night away again.

He came home with a mark on his neck… ‘I just bashed it,’ he said. But then I saw he’d be­come friends with a girl on Face­book.

He promised she was no-one, but even if it was the truth, I knew I’d never trust him again.

‘It’s over,’ I said, kicking him out for good.

I’ve since heard he’s dat­ing that last girl – that ‘no-one’.

Danny says noth­ing hap­pened un­til we broke up, but I can’t trust a word he says.

At least I saw Danny for the cheat he was be­fore we got hitched.

Now I’ve re­alised I can be a great sin­gle mum and I’m much hap­pier.

From now on, it’s just me and the kids.

Scans of Mil­lie-jorge... ...and Hol­lie-mae

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