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Soon ev­ery­one would see what Asher’s mum al­ready had…

Pick Me Up! Special - - News - Mea­gan Nash, 27, At­lanta, USA

Pot­ter­ing around the kitchen, I did the dishes as my lovely 12-month-old baby sat up in his high chair. I’d given Asher some of his favourite mu­si­cal toys, and he was in his el­e­ment mar­vel­ling at all the dif­fer­ent sounds.

As I gazed down at him, his gor­geous smile lit up the whole house and I sud­denly had a won­der­ful idea.

Peo­ple al­ways com­mented on his cute face, so I made a de­ci­sion then and there to sub­mit some pic­tures of him for child mod­el­ling.

‘What you do­ing babes?’ asked my hus­band David, 31, af­ter the kids were in bed one night.

‘Just look­ing through some clothes to use for Asher’s port­fo­lio pics,’ I beamed. ‘I’m re­ally ex­cited!’ look­ing slightly con­cerned, he said: ‘I know you are but don’t build it up too much, these agen­cies might not be open minded enough to see what we see in Asher.’ de­flated, I car­ried on with what I was do­ing any­way. I fig­ured there was no way that Asher would be dis­crim­i­nated against purely be­cause he has Down’s Syn­drome. But I came down to earth with a bump when I re­ceived an email from the agency say­ing that they ‘were not look­ing for a baby with spe­cial needs.’ I was re­ally hurt that the agency wouldn’t even con­sider him. Shouldn’t he get a chance to be submitted just like any other baby? An­noyed, I trawled the in­ter­net look­ing for any in­for­ma­tion, and I quickly found the Chang­ing the Face of Beauty Face­book page. I posed a cute

pic­ture of Asher and wrote about our ex­pe­ri­ences so far.

David and I couldn’t be­lieve how much at­ten­tion the post got!

It went vi­ral which meant we were then con­tacted by lots of news out­lets want­ing in­ter­views. Asher’s face ap­peared all over the world.

‘This is crazy,’ David kept say­ing, burst­ing with pride.

‘I know, it’s in­cred­i­ble,’ I beamed, ‘I can’t be­lieve how much Asher’s story is help­ing to raise aware­ness!’

Amidst all of the me­dia at­ten­tion, I got Face­book mes­sage from chil­dren’s brand Oshkosh B’gosh. They wanted to meet with us to dis­cuss po­ten­tially us­ing Asher in one of their cam­paigns! I was to­tally bowled over. It felt like a tri­umph for my lit­tle one, but also for the Chang­ing the Face of Beauty gen­er­ally. We cel­e­brated with a fam­ily meal out.

The hap­pi­est was Asher’s big sis­ter, Ad­di­son – his big­gest fan. She’s his best friend and even got her en­tire school to wear blue and yel­low one day to sup­port the cause!

Snug­gling up into David’s chest that night, I felt happy.

‘I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved,’ I said with a big smile.

‘Babes, it was all you. I can’t be­lieve how well you’ve done,’ he replied. It was an ex­cit­ing day when we met with Oshkosh in early Novem­ber last year.

Asher and I met with the CEO, some­one in HR, the mar­ket­ing de­part­ment and the cre­ative de­part­ment with pho­tog­ra­phy.

It was an in­tim­i­dat­ing en­vi­ron­ment, with pic­tures of child mod­els lin­ing the walls, but we were made to feel so wel­come.

They thanked us for rais­ing aware­ness, and then in­vited us to

come to shoot for the spring and sum­mer shoot in six weeks. A week later the phone rang when Asher was nap­ping.

It was Oshkosh - they asked if Asher wanted to come in sooner and do a shoot for their hol­i­day ads!

Get­ting off the phone to them, I was so ex­cited I could barely dial the num­bers to call David.

‘Honey, they want him for the Christ­mas ad­verts! We’re shoot­ing next week!’ I welled up as the words came from my lips.

Hear­ing the crack­ing in David’s own voice as he re­joiced on the other end of the phone brought the tears stream­ing down my cheeks.

I had of course brought along all his favourite toys to keep him happy and en­ter­tained. But I need not have wor­ried as he was in his el­e­ment all day long. He was be­ing fussed over and had lots of cute clothes to try on. He is such a nat­u­ral in front of the cameras! Be­ing at the shoot was so in­spi­ra­tional for me, I felt so much hap­pi­ness watch­ing him smile for that cam­era and it made me so proud to know that I am his mother. Asher, of course, did ex­actly what he al­ways does, and that was light up the room and make ev­ery­one in it smile from ear to ear! Since this has all hap­pened, Asher has been asked to work with sev­eral brands and has a flour­ish­ing lit­tle ca­reer. Not just as a model but as an ad­vo­cate for Chang­ing the Face of Beauty. Any­time the cam­era is around he al­ways gets a big grin on his face like he knows it’s time to smile! He’s such a pro­fes­sional. I knew when Asher was born that he was des­tined to do great things. I am so proud to share his beauty with the world. Asher’s suc­cess means we are able to spread so much aware­ness and for that, I am so thank­ful.

Asher de­served a chance

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