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Kirsty Mcwil­liam, 28, Faskally

All eyes were on our fab­u­lous ponies as they made their way down the cob­bled street. They strut down the road with their smartest hats on, and made their way to an ap­point­ment they wouldn’t want to miss.

My mum, Amanda, 51, and I de­cided to take our lit­tle dar­lings – Dex­ter and Dainty – for a day of treats, and the first stop was the salon!

We do kids’ birthday par­ties with them, so they get their hair done fairly reg­u­larly, how­ever we wanted to give them a more re­lax­ing pam­per­ing ses­sion this time.

Dex­ter and Dainty had a hard choice ahead of them as they de­cided which colours they liked.

Of course, they wanted their hard-work­ing hooves to look their very best!

At the salon, we did have a moment of worry when Dex­ter got a lit­tle car­ried away and looked as if he might swal­low the nail var­nish bot­tle, but beau­ti­cian Angie saved the day by hold­ing the bot­tle for him.

Dainty and Dex­ter even­tu­ally chose dif­fer­ent, but com­pli­men­tary shades of red.

With each hoof be­ing big­ger than the av­er­age nail, they got to bask in the glory of the pam­per ses­sion for longer than most. Al­though they have ex­cel­lent man­ners, there were many op­por­tu­ni­ties for things to go amiss as they swished around the salon.

Dainty and Dex­ter are VIPS, as they have day jobs which re­quire a great deal of con­cen­tra­tion, strength and lots of trust. They are the back bone be­hind my stunt rid­ing busi­ness. Stunt rid­ers per­form tricks and gym­nas­tic feats, all while gal­lop­ing along the ponies’ backs – hence the need for them to be su­per sturdy and de­pend­able. It also ex­plains why they need to have a few wellde­served days off. The duo

The duo de­serve to be spoilt

were filled with rocked up at their next venue.

They had had a long day, and were ready for some re­fresh­ments.

Dainty and Dex­ter had their hu­man friends, Louise Dow, 16, and Hetti Pinch­beck and Con­nie Liney, both 13, join them for a few cup­pas.

It was Earl Grey for the girls, and luck­ily for the ponies, the owner of Het­tie’s Tea Shop had herbal tea in­fu­sions, and they gave the leaves, which are rich in min­er­als, to the them as a treat. Caf­feine doesn’t tend to agree with lit­tle horses, so wa­ter is all they need to hy­drate prop­erly.

Food wise, the pair feasted on their favourite treat – a lovely big slice of car­rot cake.

They do seem to like car­rot cake, but re­ally they are just very fond of cake in gen­eral.

We did our best to make sure things didn’t get too

un­ruly as they worked out where the cake was com­ing from – the cake stand – and started try­ing to help them­selves to an­other slice! Their happy tails swiv­elled around so vi­o­lently at times that some of the crock­ery seemed done for, but luck­ily, dis­as­ter was averted! They didn’t smash any­thing, which is im­pres­sive, and their charm­ing per­sonas were enough to win over any star­tled glances from the other guests. Other din­ers, who hadn’t ex­pected the plea­sure of these furry pres­ences, were re­ally ex­cited to share the small tea space with the well-mean­ing and pam­pered ponies. The pair had a whale of a time get­ting ac­cus­tomed to the high life, but life is not all cakes and pam­per­ing.

Dex­ter and Dainty had other im­por­tant things to do.

They were off to hang out at a care home for the rest of the day.

They spent some time with the lovely res­i­dents, most of whom were wheel­chair-bound.

It re­ally cheered up the res­i­dents, but I had to be care­ful that they didn’t get too close to the poly­styrene seats, which they seemed to think woud be an­other tasty treat to munch on!

Dainty of­ten made the mis­take of think­ing the green felt car­pet at the home was a tasty patch of grass – de­spite be­ing full up on car­rot cake!

Pick­ing colours

They hoofed it to tea

Kirsty gets her mane done

Time for ice cream

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