Pick Me Up! Special - - Real Life -

1 Be­come an early bird

Life is busy, and the ear­lier in the day you work out, the fewer things there are com­pet­ing for your at­ten­tion.

2 Sleep on it

Go to bed in your work­out clothes. If you’re al­ready ready to go when you wake up, you’ll be more likely to head out for that morn­ing run. 3

Be re­al­is­tic

Set reg­u­lar, achiev­able goals. Don’t just fo­cus on your ul­ti­mate goal of los­ing 10lb in a year. Fo­cus on monthly mile­stones, and cel­e­brate each pound you lose.

4 Be ac­count­able

En­list a friend to help you. Know­ing you have some­one to meet at the gym forces you to stick to your rou­tine.

5 En­joy it

If you don’t like running, then don’t do it. Find an ac­tiv­ity you en­joy, such as swimming or play­ing a team sport. If you’re ac­tu­ally en­joy­ing your ex­er­cise, you’re far more likely to stick to it.

6 Set a chal­lenge

Sign up for a race. Hav­ing a goal to work to­wards will keep you mov­ing. It doesn’t have to be ex­treme – just a 5k run will do. You’ll feel bril­liant when you cross the fin­ish line.

7 Fo­cus on your­self

Con­cen­trate on your own tar­get, and don’t worry about what oth­ers are do­ing. Peo­ple have dif­fer­ent goals, but you should do what’s best for you.

8 Time doesn’t mat­ter

Be flex­i­ble with your ex­er­cise – don’t stress about work­ing out for three hours a day. Plan your work­outs around your own sched­ule – even just a few min­utes a day is bet­ter than noth­ing.

9 For­get the past

It doesn’t mat­ter that your ex­er­cise rou­tine went out the win­dow last year. Fo­cus on now, be­lieve that you can do it, and prove your­self right.

10 Stay pos­i­tive

Don’t give up. There will be days when you lose mo­ti­va­tion – that’s nor­mal. But don’t let this be the end of your progress. Just pick up the next day and carry on.

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