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aries 21 March–20 April

no-one can drive us crazy un­less we give them the keys! take con­trol of your life, and re­alise what and who you want. this week of­fers you the chance to make more head­way than you have all year, so make sure you speak and act from the heart.

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can­cer 22 June–23 July

lately, you’ve been tak­ing greater pains in try­ing to per­suade oth­ers you’re happy than you have in try­ing to con­vince your­self. events this week­end give you the chance to un­der­stand what oth­ers can re­ally bring to your life. this changes ev­ery­thing! call: 09058 170 713*


24 Sept–23 Oct

You’ve been re­sist­ing change for a long time now. but, from tues­day, you start to see that there are ac­tu­ally more ben­e­fits than there are down­falls to all this. now, all you need to sort out is how to eat a nice slice of hum­ble pie. You can do it!

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capricorn 22 Dec–20 Jan

If you want to be happy, then be happy, capricorn! You know what – or who! – was bring­ing you down, and you’re the one who can get this bug­bear out of your life. blocking numbers and de­clin­ing calls gives you a power you didn’t know you could have. call: 09058 170 719*

taurus 21 April–21 May

venus helps you to feel more con­fi­dent about what you want from your fu­ture. You’ll start to see what’s not work­ing in your life, too, and take steps to dis­tance your­self from those who only ever seem to bring you down. be brave and take con­trol.

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24 July–23 Aug

leos only want hap­pi­ness – you don’t wal­low in suf­fer­ing. Hap­pi­ness this week – and in­deed for the rest of the year – comes from your own at­ti­tude and not out­side fac­tors. Don’t for­get this, es­pe­cially when it comes to con­fronta­tional phone calls…

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scorpio 24 Oct–22 Nov

Don’t say things you don’t mean this week just for ef­fect. You’re so much bet­ter than that. time spent with older folk can teach you much you didn’t know about your past. sav­ing more than you spend be­fore Mon­day can make a big dif­fer­ence to your ro­man­tic life. call: 09058 170 717*

aquarius 21 Jan–19 Feb

be­ing con­tent with your life doesn’t mean that ev­ery­thing’s per­fect. Far from it, aquarius. What you start to un­der­stand as this week pro­gresses is how much bet­ter a per­son you are for ac­cept­ing what can’t be changed – and for en­joy­ing what can be. call: 09058 170 720*

gemini 22 May–21 June

Many of the signs are talk­ing for the sake of it, so take any dra­matic gos­sip with a pinch of salt. It’s more likely to be a case of peo­ple say­ing what they think could hap­pen, rather than what is re­ally go­ing on. a trip links to a pos­si­ble ro­mance.

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virgo 24 Aug–23 Sept

the way in which you first ap­proach new faces means ev­ery­thing, when it comes to how you’re go­ing to get on with them. try to greet those you meet with a smile and an open heart. Many of you vir­gos could be meet­ing your soul mate or best friend if you do! call: 09058 170 715*

sagittarius 23 Nov–21 Dec

teach­ing and ed­u­ca­tion come to the fore. Many of you will be think­ing of ways in which you can re­visit things that were of in­ter­est to you ear­lier this year, but that you re­sisted for many rea­sons. any spend­ing now is sure to pay div­i­dends within the next 12 months.

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20 Feb–20 March

Mars makes it very hard for you not to take a harsh ap­proach with those who’ve wronged you. Just don’t go too far with your words and ac­tions. re­mem­ber, there are many ways to alien­ate some­one, but for­give­ness costs you noth­ing and won’t be for­got­ten! call: 09058 170 721*

15-21 Sept 2016

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