The Root Of All Evil

He was rich, suc­cess­ful – and a sick killer. The de­tails may shock you...

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No­body could claim Rurik Jut­ting wasn’t given the best­pos­si­ble start in life. Born to wealthy par­ents, he grew up in a Grade-ii listed man­sion in a leafy part of Sur­rey. His home was the in­spi­ra­tion for Toad Hall in the clas­sic book The Wind in the Wil­lows.

It’s re­ported that Rurik’s mum doted on him, fre­quently telling him he was ‘spe­cial’.

She called him Rurik be­cause it means ‘great leader’ and was the name of a Rus­sian prince.

Jut­ting went to an ex­pen­sive prep school, then on to a £30,000 a year board­ing school.

Bright and ca­pa­ble, he was awarded a place at Peter­house col­lege in Cam­bridge, where he stud­ied Law and His­tory.

The high life

Af­ter grad­u­at­ing, Jut­ting got a job as a Lon­don banker. And in July 2013, he was of­fered a £350,000 role in Hong Kong.

There, he en­joyed the high life.

His favourite way to splash the cash was by hir­ing up to eight pros­ti­tutes at a time and stay­ing with them in £400-a-night ho­tel rooms.

He also watched vi­o­lent pornog­ra­phy, drank heav­ily and snorted co­caine.

It didn’t take long for his life to take a down­ward spi­ral.

Hooked on drugs, Jut­ting started seek­ing in­creas­ingly vi­o­lent sex­ual images on­line, even sub­scrib­ing to one web­site fea­tur­ing women be­ing tor­tured.

Nar­cotics and pornog­ra­phy be­gan to dis­tort his sense of re­al­ity.

He be­gan to fan­ta­sise about kid­nap­ping, tor­tur­ing and mur­der­ing young women.

Then, in Oc­to­ber 2014, he quit his job, with plans to turn his fan­tasies into re­al­ity.

Days later, Jut­ting picked up a 23-year-old In­done­sian pros­ti­tute, Su­marti Ningsih, in a lo­cal bar.

A mum des­per­ate for cash, she went with Jut­ting to his luxury high-rise apart­ment in Hong Kong’s red-light district.

But, once in­side, Su­marti be­came his pris­oner.

Undig­ni­fied death

Jut­ting re­peat­edly raped Su­marti and sub­jected her to unimag­in­able tor­ture, us­ing pli­ers on her nip­ples and whip­ping her with a belt. He also tied her up and shaved off her eye­brows to ‘de­hu­man­ise’ her.

For three days, Su­marti was used and abused – un­til Jut­ting fi­nally had enough and de­cided to kill her. But he did it in the most undig­ni­fied way pos­si­ble. He forced Su­marti to lick clean a dirty toi­let bowl, threat­en­ing to kill her if she didn’t. Af­ter­wards, he slit her throat with a knife. When that didn’t kill her in­stantly, he dragged her into the shower and hacked

away at her neck un­til she was al­most com­pletely de­cap­i­tated.

Even more shock­ingly, he filmed the whole thing.

‘This is the first per­son I have ever killed. I mur­dered her, I cut her throat in the bath­room,’ he says to cam­era. ‘She was my prop­erty and there to please me.

‘I thought it would be easy. It would have been eas­ier to stran­gle her. Now my bath­room is a f*ck­ing mess.’

In the chill­ing clips, he con­fesses he’s high on co­caine.

Jut­ting also says he wanted it to be as ‘in­hu­mane as pos­si­ble’ and fan­ta­sised about goug­ing out the eyes of his vic­tims.

Once sober, Jut­ting wrapped Su­marti’s body in plas­tic, stuffed it in a suit­case and left it to rot on his bal­cony.

Now blood­thirsty again, he looked for his next vic­tim.

Jut­ting went out to an­other bar and per­suaded Se­neng

Mu­ji­asih, 26, to come to his apart­ment.

Se­neng would send money she earned from sex work back to her fam­ily in In­done­sia, which they used to pay for medicine for her el­derly mum.

Jut­ting planned to harm her in the same way he had Su­marti, and had his tor­ture in­stru­ments ready – in­clud­ing a sex toy wrapped in sand­pa­per and a blow­torch. Sick­en­ing.

How­ever, his plan went awry when Se­neng spot­ted a gag made from rope and a con­dom and be­gan to scream.

Jut­ting stuffed her face into a pil­low and threat­ened to kill her if she wasn’t quiet.

When she car­ried on shout­ing, he slit her throat.

With Se­neng’s bloody corpse ly­ing in his flat, re­al­ity hit.

He called his mother and the po­lice to say he was in trou­ble.

When of­fi­cers searched his flat soon af­ter, they found the re­mains of both women and

he was charged with mur­der.

In court, Jut­ting de­nied mur­der on the grounds of di­min­ished re­spon­si­bil­ity, due to the ‘in­dus­trial quan­ti­ties’ of co­caine he’d taken, but he ad­mit­ted man­slaugh­ter.


Dur­ing the trial, four top psy­chi­a­trists were called in to ex­plain how such a well-to-do young man could carry out such heinous crimes.

They said he had nar­cis­sis­tic per­son­al­ity disor­der and was a sex­ual sadist. This, com­bined with his ad­dic­tions, turned him into a warped killer.

How­ever, Jut­ting was

deemed fit to stand trial and was con­victed of both mur­ders. He was or­dered to spend the rest of his life in jail in Hong Kong.

Judge Mr Jus­tice Stu­ar­tMoore said the words ‘evil’ and ‘mon­ster’ weren’t enough to de­scribe Jut­ting’s char­ac­ter.

‘This must rank as one of the most hor­rific mur­der cases to come be­fore the court in Hong Kong,’ he said. ‘There are in­suf­fi­cient su­perla­tives to de­scribe what was done to Su­marti Ningsih and what he had in mind for Se­neng Mu­ji­asih,’ he said.

Rurik Jut­ting has ap­pealed his con­vic­tion

Once in­side the flat, she be­came Jut­ting’s pris­oner

On right: the bal­cony of his luxury Hong Kong apart­ment ed: Deprav Jut­ting Rurik

VIC­TIMS: Se­neng... ...AND SU­MARTI

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