A stranger saved my wed­ding

The shine had faded from her up­com­ing wed­ding. But then christie camp­bell, 22, from Ar­drossan, got a huge sur­prise…

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Fid­dling with my en­gage­ment ring, I gazed out of the win­dow.

‘I bet I know what you’re think­ing about,’ my fi­ance Calum, now 24, said from the sofa.

You didn’t have to be a psy­chic to fig­ure that one out.

It was Au­gust 2016 and, en­gaged for just one week, all I could think about was get­ting mar­ried.

Child­hood sweet­hearts, I’d met Calum when I was 15.

He was 17, lived a few doors down.

We’d be­come friends, then over the years, lovers.

Now, six years on, Calum had asked me to marry him.

He’d got down on one knee in front of a cas­tle here in Scot­land, handed me a sil­ver, di­a­mond-en­crusted band.

‘I de­signed it my­self,’ Calum con­fessed.

I was stunned.

A typ­i­cal bloke, Calum was to­tally un­ro­man­tic.

I guess that’s why it meant so much.

And why I fid­dled with it con­stantly.

Calum and I set a date for May 2019.

‘Let’s go on hol­i­day to cel­e­brate!’ I sug­gested. Calum loved the idea.

His cousin Stu­art and girl­friend Ni­cole fan­cied it, too.

The next May, we jet­ted off to El Are­nal, Mal­lorca.

It was scorch­ing hot. A far cry from Scot­land!

The beach was mobbed with tourists.

‘This is the life!’ I smiled to Calum.

‘Fancy a dip?’ he said. Why not?!

Splash­ing and pad­dling about, the wa­ter was lovely.

But, sit­ting back on my sun lounger, I au­to­mat­i­cally went to twid­dle with my ring fin­ger – then froze... My ring was gone! I felt sick. Pan­ick­ing, I stood up and fran­ti­cally looked around.

‘What’s wrong?’ Calum said, con­fused.

‘I’ve lost it,’

I cried, tears stream­ing.

He went pale. We started look­ing in the sea for my ring.

When Stu­art and Ni­cole found out, they tried to help.

Dug holes in the sand where we’d been.

‘When did you last

Calum’s jaw dropped and I burst into tears!

have it?’ Stu­art said.

My mind went blank, I couldn’t be sure.

‘Maybe it’s back at the villa?’ Ni­cole said.

They tried their best to get my hopes up.

But my gut wasn’t wrong. Cry­ing all the way back to the villa, I just knew I’d be dis­ap­pointed.

Sure enough, it wasn’t there. ‘I can’t be­lieve I’ve lost it,’ I sobbed, as we turned the place up­side down. My pre­cious ring. It was so spe­cial... Calum looked gutted but tried to stay strong for me. Him and Stu­art went back down to the beach.

In a few hours, they came back, told me they got help from a guy with a metal de­tec­tor.

But they’d had no luck. ‘I gave him my de­tails just in case,’ Stu­art said. ‘Don’t be stupid, he won’t find it,’

I said mis­er­ably. When I awoke the next morn­ing, I hoped it was a bad dream. But re­al­ity soon set in. It ru­ined the hol­i­day. Put a real damp­ener on ev­ery­one’s moods. I would ran­domly burst into tears when I re­mem­bered I’d never wear my lovely ring again.

‘Why don’t we get you an­other one?’ Calum said kindly.

But it wouldn’t be the same. Plus, we had a wed­ding to save up for!

We de­cided to pull it for­ward to that Novem­ber, as we just wanted to get mar­ried soon.

I tried to for­get about what had hap­pened, but I’d get a pang ev­ery time I looked at my hands and my ring wasn’t there.

That Septem­ber, we in­vited Stu­art and Ni­cole over for din­ner.

‘Oh, we’ve got some­thing for you,’ Stu­art breezed.

He pulled out a box.

Think­ing it was for the wed­ding, I let Calum open it.

His jaw dropped.

‘I can’t be­lieve this,’ he whis­pered.

In­side was a fa­mil­iar di­a­mond-en­crusted ring!

I burst into tears, didn’t re­alise Stu­art was film­ing me. ‘But how?’ I gasped. Turns out, the man with the metal de­tec­tor from the re­sort, Mo­hammed Khan, 54, had

found it!

Luck­ily, it was lodged be­tween two rocks in the sea.

Oth­er­wise it would’ve been lost to the deep.

Mo­hammed had e-mailed Stu­art, say­ing he’d air­mail it to him that Au­gust.

The ring had noth­ing but a few scratches on it.

I e-mailed Mo­hammed a big thank-you, begged to let me pay him a re­ward. I didn’t do it for

that, he typed. He wouldn’t ac­cept a penny!

When I look back at the pic­tures where I was re­united with my ring, I laugh. My face was a pic­ture!

On 2 Novem­ber 2017, our wed­ding day was twice as nice!

I had my en­gage­ment ring, and a very happy hus­band.

Be­ing re­united with my ring has re­stored my faith in hu­man­ity.

Now, I carry a story around with me wher­ever I go.

Calum had just popped the ques­tion

Happy ever af­ter!

I don’t be­lieve it!

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