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Be­fore keep­ing an ex­ist­ing saildrive leg and buy­ing an adap­tor plate to match up to a new en­gine, just check out the price and avail­abil­ity of a set of clutch plates, one for re­verse, one for for­ward, which will be sev­eral hun­dred pounds. Like­wise for a prop shaft which may well have worn where the seals rub. On our MS120 leg, which I stripped, prop shafts were £450 +VAT. I also found cor­ro­sion on the adap­tor plate be­tween the leg and gear­box which I was able to grit blast, fill and epoxy. A new plate was – wait for it – £850 +VAT.

It may be more cost-ef­fec­tive to buy a whole new unit.

For fold­ing prop pro­tec­tion, an­odes do in­deed last only about six months. The outer hub and blades are elec­tri­cally in­su­lated from the core of the hub.

We have found that treat­ing the outer parts with Sea­jet’s Peller­clean dra­mat­i­cally in­creases an­ode life but the in­struc­tions must be fol­lowed ex­actly, es­pe­cially the prep­ping.

Si­mon West­ma­cott Kent

The sub­ject of prop an­odes is close to my own heart hav­ing suf­fered sim­i­lar prob­lems to your cor­re­spon­dent for the last 15 years. My an­odes would last from three to nine months de­pend­ing on who was next to me in the ma­rina and whether they were plugged into the mains electrics.

My lo­cal Volvo Penta dealer ad­vised paint­ing the prop and in 2014 I came across Velox Plus, made by Mar­lin SA, which con­sisted of a green self-etch­ing primer and a white an­tifoul top coat. It took sev­eral at­tempts to get it to stay on for a whole sea­son (prepa­ra­tion was key) but it has re­sulted in a marked re­duc­tion in an­ode ero­sion in that af­ter a full 12 months about 70% of the an­ode re­mains.

In ad­di­tion it works pretty well in its pri­mary func­tion at keep­ing the prop clean. There is no de­tectable re­duc­tion in per­for­mance of the prop due to paint­ing it.

So I can now sleep at night not hav­ing to worry that my prop is about to dis­ap­pear.

An­drew Spru­ell Hampshire

Ring an­odes on a fold­ing prop will de­te­ri­o­rate fairly quickly if they are do­ing their job

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