West Ger­many, 1976

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Mem­ory Lane takes a rare trip abroad this month as we find our­selves in a car park in West Ger­many. We love this im­age be­cause it vividly re­minds us of an era when cars had colour. Yes, the fam­ily run­about might have had a wheez­ing lit­tle pushrod en­gine, scratchy cloth seats and doors that shut with a clang, but it was the colour of a trop­i­cal tree frog.

There are heaps of rather un­fa­mil­iar shapes to iden­tify, too. We’ll start bot­tom right with the sil­ver fast­back: an Opel Kadett coupé ‘F’. Up from there we find a blue Opel Kadett C, a Golf MKI, and Es­cort MKII, a dark lit­tle Fiat 124, a BMW ’02 and the back­sides of an­other Golf, and a bronze-coloured Pas­sat MKI. Now go back down to the ba­nana-yel­low Granada with the black vinyl roof. One up is a tiny lit­tle Fiat 500, then an­other Kadett coupé, this one the ear­lier type with ‘gills’. Then comes a Mini Club­man, a Ker­mit-like Bee­tle, an Alfa Romeo Alfetta, an Opel Rekord C, an­other Bee­tle, an Audi 80, an Opel As­cona ‘A’ two-door and yet an­other Bee­tle be­fore we get to a scar­let Capri, a green Granada and a ma­roon VW 1600 es­tate.

Home com­forts

Let’s go left to the two main rows, start­ing at the bot­tom with a beige Bee­tle 1302. Next to it is a Mer­cedes ‘strich acht’ W114 sedan, then an­other two-door As­cona, an Opel Olympia coupé (a sort of poshed-up Kadett), an­other W114 this time with a roof-rack, a Peu­geot 504, an­other Audi 80 B1, Golf, As­cona, Bee­tle, DAF 66, W114, ‘Fin­tail’ Mer­cedes, Alfetta, Bee­tle, Pas­sat and so on.

List form for the ad­ja­cent row to the left, bot­tom up: BMW 3 Se­ries, Golf, As­cona, VW 1500, As­cona, VW Type 2 bay-win­dow, Audi 80, Ford Taunus coupé, Opel Manta ‘A’, Kadett coupé F, Bee­tle, BMW ’02, As­cona four-door, Golf, Citroën GS and so on. Phew!

The Ford Fi­esta lives on to­day in MKVIII form.

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