‘Ooh, my aching head…’

Headaches are a sign that some­thing is wrong some­where. Find­ing the cause can help us sort the rem­edy. Yours could be due to…

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Yes, that headache will come with a side or­der of anx­i­ety, foggy brain and maybe hunger, too. ‘Chromium can help level out those headache-caus­ing blood sugar troughs – es­pe­cially when di­et­ing,’ says Rick. TRY Virid­ian Chromium & Cin­na­mon Com­plex, £25 for 60 cap­sules, Vic­to­ria Health.


If do­ing too much and stay­ing up late is the norm, then so are those headaches. Try some­thing other than painkillers. ‘I sug­gest adding spir­ulina to juices to help boost en­ergy and re­duce headaches.’ TRY Syn­ergy Nat­u­ral 100% Or­ganic Spir­ulina Pow­der, £19.99 for 200g, Planet Or­ganic.


That ache be­hind the eyes can be caused by eye­strain from fo­cus­ing too hard and for too long. ‘Tak­ing reg­u­lar breaks and sup­port­ing eye health with the right sup­ple­ment can help pre­vent them. Look out for the nu­tri­ents zeax­an­thin and lutein.’ TRY Vitabi­otics Vi­sion­ace Plus Omega-3, £15.99 for 56 tablets, Boots.


‘It hasn’t gone un­no­ticed that headache suf­fer­ers are of­ten low in mag­ne­sium. Tak­ing some reg­u­larly could help re­duce the num­ber you get and help ease stress and ten­sion.’ TRY Flo­radix Mag­ne­sium Min­eral Drink, £10.49 for 250ml, or To­gether Nat­u­ral Marine Mag­ne­sium, £5.99 for 30 cap­sules, both Hol­land & Bar­rett.


‘It’s been said that down­ing too many diet drinks with ar­ti­fi­cial sweet­en­ers can start a headache,’ says Rick.

‘Try skip­ping them for a while and hy­drat­ing with fizzy wa­ter spiked with fruit juice.’ TRY Glow Food Su­per­food Pow­der, £18.95 for 200g, Health­ista. Drop a tea­spoon in a bot­tle of wa­ter and sip – an­tiox­i­dants with a lovely

berry taste!


Sorry, no sym­pa­thy or sup­ple­ments forth­com­ing. ‘Cut down on caf­feine by eas­ing off slowly. Start with green tea (just a tiny kick of caf­feine), then go all-out herbal.’ You can kiss caf­feine-heads good­bye!

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