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Back pain The most com­mon type of chronic con­di­tion, and lower back pain is more preva­lent among women than men at ev­ery age, but even more so post-menopause. It can be a re­sult of in­jury or a med­i­cal con­di­tion, but if doc­tors can’t iden­tify the cause, it’s known as ‘non-spe­cific’. Treat­ment is ex­er­cises, painkillers, heat and ice packs, man­ual ther­apy, cog­ni­tive be­havioural ther­apy (CBT) and some­times surgery.

Fi­bromyal­gia Causes pain, brain fog, tired­ness, stiff­ness, sleep trou­ble, headaches and ir­ri­ta­ble bowel syn­drome. It’s thought to be linked to how the ner­vous sys­tem pro­cesses pain, and can be trig­gered by a stress­ful event. It af­fects around seven times as many women as men, and usu­ally de­vel­ops be­tween age 30 and 50. Med­i­ca­tion, CBT, ex­er­cise and re­lax­ation can re­lieve symp­toms.

Painful blad­der syn­drome Af­fects one in 50 women. It re­sults in pain in the blad­der and pelvic re­gion, as well as the urge to pee more of­ten and pain dur­ing sex. The cause is un­known, but it’s thought to be a de­fect in blad­der tis­sue, nerve changes or an al­ler­gic re­ac­tion. Diet and med­i­ca­tion can help.

Os­teoarthri­tis The most com­mon type of arthri­tis in the UK, af­fect­ing over eight mil­lion peo­ple. It makes joints painful, stiff and some­times swollen. It can’t be cured, but can be im­proved with ex­er­cise, weight loss, drugs and phys­io­ther­apy. En­dometrio­sis Af­fects one in 10 UK women. Cells like the ones in the lin­ing of the womb are found else­where in the body, caus­ing pain and dis­com­fort when go­ing to the toi­let and dur­ing sex.

Treat­ments can re­lieve dis­com­fort and slow cell growth.

Chronic fa­tigue syn­drome Tends to de­velop be­tween 25 and 45. It causes ex­treme tired­ness, pain, sore throat, brain fog, flu-like symp­toms and dizziness. Treat­ments in­clude CBT, ex­er­cise and med­i­ca­tion. It is thought to be trig­gered by in­fec­tion, im­mu­nity prob­lems, hor­mone im­bal­ance, genes or men­tal-health prob­lems.

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