Why do we have so much clut­ter?

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It’s quite sim­ple. Ac­cord­ing to Gill Has­son, life coach and au­thor of De­clut­ter Your Life (Cap­stone), we hang onto things be­cause of our hopes and fears.

‘We keep so many things be­cause we hope we’ll use them one day,’ Gill says. ‘Maybe it’s a book we still haven’t read, or we keep paint pots in the hope we’ll get around to re­dec­o­rat­ing. We of­ten think it’s best to hold on to things, but ac­tu­ally the “hope-based clut­ter” sim­ply re­minds us of all the things we haven’t achieved – and this neg­a­tiv­ity isn’t good for us.’

And we keep other things be­cause we’re scared of what might hap­pen if we chuck them out – for ex­am­ple, pa­per­work. ‘We worry we might need it again, and that we’ll re­gret throw­ing it away,’ she says. Other items end up pil­ing up be­cause we at­tach mem­o­ries to them. ‘Let­ting go of things can feel like let­ting go of part of our­selves,’ Gill says.

But most of all, there is an over­whelm­ing amount of guilt that comes with de­clut­ter­ing.

‘We feel guilty about throw­ing away presents from peo­ple we love, as if by do­ing so we are throw­ing away our love for them,’ she says. ‘We also feel bad about the money wasted on things we no longer need nor want.’

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