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THE QUI­ETEST SOUND I’ve adapted a clas­sic med­i­ta­tion to be my ‘be­d­i­ta­tion’. Slow your breath­ing for three to five breaths, let go of any ten­sion with the ex­hale, and feel your body sink into the mat­tress. Now fo­cus on the sounds in your en­vi­ron­ment. Sim­ply no­tice them with­out judg­ment, with­out nam­ing or la­belling them. Let any thoughts drift past, keep your fo­cus on the sounds around you. For the next two or three breaths, choose one sound to fo­cus on.

No­tice a qui­eter sound, and ob­serve for two or three more breaths. Keep lis­ten­ing for qui­eter sounds. Can you hear your heart­beat? The gen­tle pulses of air mov­ing through your lungs? Can you hear the si­lence deep in the cen­tre of your be­ing? Keep lis­ten­ing. Check out Tzivia’s book, The Mind­ful Way To A Good Night’s Sleep (Storey Pub­lish­ing). Visit tzivi­

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