Front­man Nikola Run­javec wel­comes us to the wacky world of the Croa­t­ian trio who are do­ing things their way.

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“When we started play­ing, we were try­ing to make mu­sic which doesn’t sound like any­thing else,” says Them Moose Rush gui­tarist and vo­cal­ist Nikola Run­javec. “If there was some riff or any part of the song which sounded fa­mil­iar, we would sim­ply give up on that idea. This is our premise in mak­ing mu­sic – we try to make it very cre­ative and unique, because it’s also in­ter­est­ing for us.”

It’s fair to say that Croa­t­ian trio Them Moose Rush have done a pretty good job at keep­ing their sound dis­tinc­tively in­di­vid­ual. Re­cently re­leased sec­ond al­bum Don’t Pick Your Noise is an ex­hil­a­rat­ing roller coaster of wacky riffs, un­hinged vo­cals and pul­sat­ing rhythms al­lied with bluesy jam-outs, and it may al­ready be a con­tender for mod­ern-day prog­gers’ end of year lists.

“We de­scribe it as prog-nois­es­pace-rock, or some­thing like that,” Run­javec says, adding that the trio used to lis­ten to acts like Soundgar­den and Rage Against The Ma­chine be­fore branch­ing out into more ex­ploratory hues.

Don’t Pick Your Noise was recorded over a two to three month pe­riod at a stu­dio in Za­greb, but the band’s roots and spir­i­tual home can be found in the smaller Bjelo­var, an hour or so away from the cap­i­tal city.

“There are only a few prog bands here and they’re pretty un­der­ground,” Run­javec says, not­ing the likes of Seven That Spells. “We’re con­sid­ered freaks over here for cre­at­ing such mu­sic. Croa­tia has [a population of] four mil­lion, and pro­por­tional to that you have a cer­tain per­cent­age of peo­ple who lis­ten to rock, and an even smaller per­cent­age who are lis­ten­ing to spe­cial kinds of rock.

“I think the peo­ple who lis­ten to prog are al­ready now 40 or 50 years old, and they’re not part of the [ac­tive] scene. They don’t discover mod­ern prog. Most of the fans we get in Croa­tia are re­ally into The Mars Volta, for ex­am­ple.”

It’s clear the en­gross­ing, mad­cap na­ture of Them Moose Rush has an ap­peal far be­yond Croa­tia. The three­some are plan­ning to bring their live show around Europe in the com­ing months, and with new songs al­ready writ­ten, you get the feel­ing that the story of Them Moose Rush is only just be­gin­ning. CC

“We’re con­sid­ered freaks here for cre­at­ing such mu­sic.”



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