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Frank’s pos­i­tive re­marks about the Yamaha XS650 last year make me feel so... val­i­dated. Why else would any­one thirst to read tests of bikes they al­ready own? How­ever, you could prob­a­bly have avoided ex­pend­ing so much ink on the Hosk and Horex con­nec­tion. Ac­cord­ing to the Dutch Club who got it from their Nip­pon coun­ter­parts, the XS650 owed noth­ing to ei­ther an­tecedent. Its ar­chi­tec­ture was sim­ply the bot­tom end of Yamaha’s then cur­rent YS-1 two-stroke, with top-end trans­planted from the con­sul­tancy they did for Toy­ota’s 2000 GT sports car. Yamaha had to de­velop the cam pro­file from scratch with noth­ing to guide them, be­cause their IT in the Toy­ota project didn’t in­clude its cams.

You’ll not be the faintest bit in­ter­ested that the orig­i­nal CV carbs of your test model have been swapped out for slide Miku­nis, be­cause it nev­er­the­less still ran sweet as a nut and idled like a blood­hound lap­ping milk. Frank’s com­ment about its com­fort com­pared to the T140 res­onated with me, be­cause I still can­not get com­fort­able on my US-spec T140 which I keep mainly for its good looks and adrenalin value.

Here’s a pic of my cur­rent project, pur­chased for the equiv­a­lent of 1.00 Frank (ie. £100). Tim Pick­er­ing, mem­ber 2216

Even I was sur­prised at how much I en­joyed rid­ing the XS! Frank W

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