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Af­ter read­ing Bill Roberts’ let­ter in RC194, I thought I would add my ha’porth. Nearly ten years ago I bought a poorly BSA A65 Thun­der­bolt. It did not run well. Af­ter do­ing the ba­sics to im­prove it, I tried to ad­just the points, but I un­did the wrong screw on one set of points, which up­set the tim­ing on one cylin­der. Af­ter try­ing un­suc­cess­fully to re­time the one cylin­der, I gave up and fit­ted a Pa­zon elec­tronic ig­ni­tion sys­tem – prob­lem solved, nice.

A while later the en­gine started to mis­fire and gen­er­ally mess about once warmed up, if trav­el­ling in slow mov­ing traf­fic. The car­bu­ret­tor was well worn, so I fit­ted a new Amal Con­cen­tric. This trans­formed it and it was lovely to ride. Un­til last year, when on a club ride it de­vel­oped a mis­fire and hes­i­ta­tion af­ter 22 miles if I gave it any more than a light throt­tle open­ing. Af­ter check­ing ev­ery­thing and find­ing noth­ing wrong, I thought how odd it was that this hap­pened af­ter ex­actly 22 miles ev­ery time.

So I changed both coils; I had some spare ones in the shed. It was in­stantly back to nor­mal. They’re still on it and it’s go­ing great. I had not left the ig­ni­tion switched on for any length of time with­out the en­gine run­ning. Nor­mally the coils do not give too much trou­ble but chang­ing them proved them to be at fault.

All strength to the best old bike mag­a­zine. Dick Turner, mem­ber 5240

Proof once again that ev­ery carb prob­lem can be solved by fix­ing the electrics. Or vice versa. Or nei­ther…

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