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SCORPIO 24th Oct-22nd Nov

It’s your birth­day month, but it’s not go­ing too far to say that this month it might feel like it’s Christ­mas, too. Tap into the ce­les­tial good­ness by for­get­ting the past, start­ing again and ex­pect­ing the best.

SAGITTARIUS 23rd Nov-21st Dec

If you can take time out this month, do it. Most of the as­tro­log­i­cal ac­tion is tak­ing place in your mys­te­ri­ous 12th house, which means you will ben­e­fit from step­ping off the so­cial whirl. Do­ing a so­cial me­dia detox or a re­treat would serve you re­ally well as we head for the end of the year.

CAPRICORN 22nd Dec-19th Jan

You need to mind how you go, es­pe­cially if you know you have a hard-to-han­dle short fuse. One of your life chal­lenges now is to learn to con­trol your­self when oth­ers ‘dis­please’ you. Do your ut­most to quell any urges to emote too fiercely, if there’s a per­sonal or pro­fes­sional up­set. Make a wish on 18th Novem­ber.

AQUARIUS 20th Jan-18th Feb

This is still an amaz­ing time for you pro­fes­sion­ally. You have ex­pan­sive, lucky Jupiter in your sign, which is ma­jor and spells our ‘c-a-r-e-e-r s-u-c-c-e-s-s’ in your chart. More­over, this month, lu­cra­tive Venus meets Jupiter, and there is a new moon in your ca­reer zone, too. Pro­mo­tions and other good things are pos­si­ble now. It’s time to go for it.

PISCES 19th Feb-20th Mar

Imag­ine if all your hard work of the past few months were to start to pay off in cold, hard cash? That’s what can hap­pen now as work horse Saturn in your ca­reer zone con­nects with ex­cit­ing Uranus in your fi­nances zone. You can fi­nally turn the pres­sure you have been un­der into ac­tual money.

ARIES 21st Mar-19th Apr

The plan­ets are lined up beau­ti­fully in your sex and money zone. Set your in­ten­tions. How­ever, also note there is also ten­sion in your re­la­tion­ship and ca­reer zones, too. Don’t waste the good Novem­ber juju by los­ing your tem­per with some­one, no mat­ter how pro­voked you may feel.

TAURUS 20th Apr-20th May

Your love life should be get­ting bet­ter and bet­ter. You have the lucky planet Jupiter, ro­man­tic Venus and the new moon all in your love zone. Whichever way you slice it, there is love and ro­mance in the air – plus, even your non-ro­man­tic re­la­tion­ships should be flow­ing quite well. Be op­ti­mistic, cheer­ful and gen­er­ous and you will at­tract the same.

GEMINI 21st May-21st Jun

If you’ve been work­ing on mak­ing a re­la­tion­ship (per­sonal or pro­fes­sional) more se­cure, you could find that things re­ally turn around in won­der­ful, un­ex­pected and ex­cit­ing ways. Less thrilling, but also great, is that you can start to en­joy daily life more. Now is a great time to re­think your daily work and well­be­ing rou­tines.

CAN­CER 22nd Jun-22nd Jul

Not to sugar coat it, life at home, with fam­ily and in your re­la­tion­ships looks fraught this month. If you’re liv­ing con­sciously and try­ing to im­prove the way you han­dle con­flict at home and work, breathe deeper in Novem­ber, and count to 10 when some­one stresses you, es­pe­cially around 19th Novem­ber. Man­age this and Novem­ber could yet be quite fun.

LEO 23rd Jul-23rd Aug

This month is largely about you learn­ing how to ar­gue. If the gloves come off and you say ex­actly what you think with no fil­ter, you could get your­self into trou­ble, at home and/or at work. If you talk things through prop­erly, you could find your per­sonal and pro­fes­sional life starts get­ting bet­ter.

VIRGO 24th Aug-22nd Sep

Up­sets to do with money are pos­si­ble now. With Mars in your money zone, you’re ex­tra driven when it comes to cre­at­ing cash, and that’s a good thing. How­ever, do make sure that you don’t go too far and too brashly in your keen­ness to boost your bank ac­count. Think pos­i­tively with cash and don’t let any­one draw you into an ar­gu­ment.

LIBRA 23rd Sep-23rd Oct

Your love life has been a tad up and down over the years. How­ever, this month it looks like any ef­forts you’ve been mak­ing in the re­la­tion­ships de­part­ment should start to pay off. Any re­la­tion­ship sur­prises this month should be good ones. Your self-es­teem is also on the up and up. Per­haps the two are con­nected?

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