SNK has pro­duced some iconic char­ac­ters over the years. How many of these do you recog­nise?

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Whether he’s wear­ing his iconic red jacket or his stylish Mark Of The Wolves out­fit, the ‘hun­gry wolf’ is SNK’S most note­wor­thy hero. He orig­i­nally pur­sues re­venge against Geese Howard, and later be­comes an adop­tive fa­ther to Rock Howard.


In­tro­duced in Fa­tal Fury 2, Mai is one of SNK’S most popular fight­ers. She’s smit­ten with Andy Bog­ard, who trained with her fam­ily, and she’s re­cently cameoed in Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round.


The most recog­nis­able vil­lain in the SNK uni­verse is em­blem­atic of dif­fi­cult fight­ing game bosses. De­spite his propen­sity for fall­ing off of tall build­ings, he’s a con­stant thorn in Terry’s side and even makes a cameo ap­pear­ance in Tekken 7.


This swords­man is the most recog­nis­able char­ac­ter of the Samu­rai Shodown series, and is a lover of food and sake. He has a deadly ri­valry with his for­mer train­ing part­ner Gen­juro Kibagami.


A re­luc­tant fighter who is ded­i­cated to her mis­sion of pro­tect­ing na­ture. Though her weapon has a short range, Nako­ruru is fast and has the as­sis­tance of her hawk Mama­haha or her wolf Shikuru.


A venge­ful spirit res­ur­rected by the malev­o­lent god Am­brosia. Amakusa’s goal is to bring Am­brosia into the mor­tal realm.


The com­bat leader of PF Squad, the heroic fac­tion of the Metal Slug games. His res­ig­na­tion was de­nied af­ter the events of the first game, and sur­pris­ingly he’s also a tal­ented pro­gram­mer.


A mem­ber of the PF Squad and a friend of Marco’s, Tarma is less se­ri­ous than his com­rade. He had in­tended to set up a mo­tor­bike shop af­ter Mor­den was de­feated, but his su­pe­ri­ors coaxed him back into ser­vice.


The main an­tag­o­nist of the Metal Slug series, he was driven to in­san­ity af­ter his son was killed in a bomb­ing, and joined the rebel army. Mor­den has been known to make odd al­liances, in­clud­ing team­ing up with Mar­tians.


This masked fel­low is an od­dity – though he’s never been the star of his own game, he was fre­quently seen in early Neo-geo ad­ver­tis­ing and has cameos in games such as The King Of Fight­ers 2000 and Card Fight­ers Clash.


A Neo-geo Pocket mas­cot and the star of Gan­bare Neo Poke-kun!, a game in which Neo Poke-kun lives in your con­sole and makes minigames. He also cameos with Yuki in Neo­geo Bat­tle Coli­seum.


A princess who lands in the Fan­tasy World as a re­sult of bore­dom and cu­rios­ity. Her de­scen­dant Athena Asamiya is in Psy­cho Sol­dier, and she’s a se­cret boss in SNK vs Cap­com: SVC Chaos.


In­tro­duced as the face of The King Of Fight­ers ’94, Kyo is a stu­dent who has the abil­ity to cre­ate flames, which makes him a dev­as­tat­ing fighter – and a tar­get for or­gan­i­sa­tions which wish to clone or kill him.


In­tro­duced in The King Of Fight­ers ’95 and quickly be­came popular. He bears a per­sonal grudge against Kyo, and his pur­ple flames are caused by the curse of the evil Orochi. RU­GAL BERN­STEIN A ruth­less arms dealer and the or­gan­iser of the King Of Fight­ers tour­na­ments in 1994 and 1995, this vil­lain likes to pre­serve the bod­ies of foes in liq­uid metal as stat­ues. He was cre­ated to be the ul­ti­mate boss, and he’s tough as nails.


Art Of Fight­ing in­tro­duced us to this se­ri­ous karate prac­ti­tioner, as he searched for his kid­napped sis­ter Yuri. His dojo is al­ways look­ing for re­cruits, and he’s got a bit of an eye for his for­mer foe King.


An­other Kyoku­gen karate user, Robert joins his best friend Ryo in the search for Yuri. He’s hot-headed and wealthy, un­like Ryo, and de­spite be­ing from Italy he speaks Ja­panese with the Kan­sai di­alect, which is com­monly as­so­ci­ated with co­me­di­ans.


A fear­some fighter wear­ing a Tengu mask, and the fi­nal boss of Art Of Fight­ing. He’s later re­vealed as Takuma Sakazaki, a karate dojo owner work­ing for Geese Howard be­cause of threats against his chil­dren Ryo and Yuri.

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