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The GSX’S en­gine has been re­worked to pro­vide a power de­liv­ery that gives the rider con­fi­dence at any revs. The mo­tor is based on the ’04/’05 GSX-R750 en­gine, but Suzuki has re-en­gi­neered the crankcases with ven­ti­la­tion holes to re­duce pump­ing losses. It has also fit­ted a more re­fined fu­elling sys­tem with state-of-the-art fuel in­jec­tors that al­low greater com­bus­tion ef­fi­ciency and emis­sion con­trol. In­cred­i­bly, Suzuki has man­aged to sat­isfy Euro4 reg­u­la­tions while also in­creas­ing the power over the pre­vi­ous GSR model – up from 105bhp to 113bhp.

Out on the open road, the GSX def­i­nitely gives the im­pres­sion that it means busi­ness. The air­box has three in­lets that pro­duce a pleas­ingly deep growl as the throt­tle opens wider and the revs in­crease. If you bury the nee­dle deep into the top part of the tacho, the bike ac­cel­er­ates through its rev range with un­canny sta­bil­ity. Sure, it’d be easy to de­scribe the tune of the en­gine as some­what flat, but that’s not a bad thing. While peaky en­gines have the po­ten­tial to desta­bilise a bike on roads such as th­ese, the Suzuki’s broad, us­able power does no such thing. It has been tuned to de­liver power in a way that feels lin­ear, and ben­e­fits from a wide over-rev so al­most ev­ery rpm is use­ful. This char­ac­ter­is­tic lends it­self to keep­ing the bike stable and man­age­able, the up­shot of which means you can at­tack bends with de­cep­tive pace.

The bike is ag­ile and car­ries its 213kg weight well, with im­pres­sively quick steer­ing. De­spite hav­ing some­what bud­get, preload-ad­justable-only sus­pen­sion, the GSX-S750 has been well set up and gives good sup­port for fast road work as well as de­cent in­su­la­tion from bumps and ruts.


Straight-line cruis­ing gives you a chance to ap­pre­ci­ate the new Suzuki’s LCD dis­play, which clearly shows the speed cen­trally in big fig­ures, and around which is the gear po­si­tion, fuel level, revs and cur­rent time.

It’s also an op­por­tu­nity to have a fid­dle with the new trac­tion con­trol, a three­level sys­tem con­trolled from a switch on the left bar. Mode one is for fast, sporty rid­ing with min­i­mal in­tru­sion; mode two is a more gen­eral set­ting for ev­ery­day road con­di­tions and will ac­ti­vate ear­lier than in mode one. The third ac­ti­vates ear­li­est and Suzuki sug­gests it’s best suited for cold and wet con­di­tions.

Test­ing the three modes in the real world, we found that mode three is

“On the road, the GSX gives the im­pres­sion it means busi­ness”

def­i­nitely re­stric­tive - if you open the throt­tle wide from walk­ing pace, the sys­tem barely lets the en­gine rev up, it just jud­ders and lim­its power out­put. Mode two of­fers an ideal amount of sen­si­tiv­ity for most con­di­tions. For pure sport and track rid­ing, mode one is ideal. Or you have the choice of do­ing things the old-fash­ioned way and turn­ing the trac­tion con­trol off al­to­gether.

The gear­box is smooth and pre­cise with the ra­tios spaced evenly. Suzuki has mod­i­fied sixth gear, mak­ing it shorter to give a bit more en­ergy when in top gear and ac­cel­er­at­ing from lower revs. But that said, the GSX-S still re­turns an im­pres­sive 62mpg when cruis­ing at 70mph.

There’s also very lit­tle of the foot­peg and bar vi­bra­tion typ­i­cal of GSX-R mod­els. Suzuki has clearly worked hard to dampen out the vibes through the seat, pegs and bars, with only a hint of dis­com­fort chim­ing-in to­wards the very end of the 218-mile fuel tank range.


The new GSX-S750 fea­tures an ISC (Idle Speed Con­trol) sys­tem and Suzuki’s Low RPM As­sist, which helps the rider ex­e­cute smoother launch­ing op­er­a­tion in the low en­gine speed range and also makes the bike eas­ier to ride in stop-and-go traf­fic. The GSX-S’S low cen­tre of grav­ity, wide bars and easy steer­ing make it a breeze around city streets. There’s de­cent steer­ing lock too, whilst the in­clu­sion of ABS gives the nicely bal­anced brak­ing sys­tem an ex­tra layer of peace of mind.

Fast, ag­ile and en­gag­ing - the GSX-S750 is a very com­pe­tent naked ma­chine

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Sporty new pegs do with­out the GSR’S rub­ber tops and vibecan­celling weights

New ex­haust passes Euro4 with­out us­ing a noise valve WHEEL­BASE 1455MM Large LCD dis­play is clear and easy to read

The ter­ror of the ap­proach­ing “fangs of the wild beast”… RAKE 25.3° TRAIL 104MM

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