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WHAT WE’VE FOUND is that the idea of a sporty, sum­mery tex­tile jacket can be in­ter­preted in many ways – and the more fo­cused on sum­mer it be­comes, the less flex­i­ble it is. While we’ve weighted our scores to em­pha­sise hot-weather per­for­mance, it does mean the most-sum­mery jack­ets don’t score as well as those that make a few con­ces­sions to the great Bri­tish sum­mer­time, with wa­ter­proof lay­ers and even ther­mal lin­ers.

How­ever, if you want a jacket that will be re­ally light and cool for rid­ing in re­ally hot weather, you can’t beat one that makes use of mesh pan­els. The coolest was the prac­ti­cally trans­par­ent Re­vit Air­force (even with­out its cool­ing vest), but the most prac­ti­cal below £200 was the Alpines­tars T-GP Plus V2 Air. At the up­per end of the mar­ket was the Dainese Su­per Speed D-dry – a well-vented jacket with an ef­fec­tive wa­ter­proof liner. But th­ese are still sum­mer jack­ets, with less flex­i­bil­ity. For a year-round jacket, we’d look at the Wolf Freestyle II or IXS Ever­ton.

What im­pressed was the qual­ity of

some of the jack­ets in the £100-£200 price bracket. At £130, the Spada Burnout per­forms bet­ter than many far more ex­pen­sive jack­ets – and at £100 the Weise Corsa is out­stand­ing value. But from fully vented jack­ets like the IXS Le­vante to prac­ti­cal three-sea­son ones like the top-scor­ing Buse Asola, there are good op­tions at good prices.

It was en­cour­ag­ing to see not only a good se­lec­tion of ladies’ jack­ets but

also a good stan­dard. Th­ese aren’t lower-spec but care­fully de­signed and fin­ished gar­ments for se­ri­ous riders. Our picks were the Re­vit Jupiter 2 and the Alpines­tars Stella Amok.

There were some dis­ap­point­ments – jack­ets that lacked ad­just­ment and com­fort or were sweaty, leaky or just not very well spec­i­fied for the money. Gen­er­ally, though, there are plenty of good sporty tex­tiles out there.



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