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Bull-it Bondi SR6 £129.99

I MAY HAVE started rid­ing in jeans in the Eight­ies, but once I could af­ford leather I never looked back. Over the years, though, tex­tile tech­nol­ogy has caught up and the ad­vent of ar­moured rid­ing jeans with abra­sion-re­sis­tant ma­te­ri­als got me to give denim an­other go.

Th­ese Bull-it jeans don’t use Kevlar, a Dupont-trade­marked ma­te­rial. In­stead they use Covec, es­sen­tially the same kind of su­per-strong aramid ma­te­rial. Th­ese jeans are called SR6 be­cause the mak­ers claim they’ll of­fer six sec­onds of re­sis­tance to abra­sion… you’re highly un­likely to slide for six sec­onds on the road, so they shouldn’t wear through.

The Covec ma­te­rial is wo­ven into the denim rather than be­ing an ex­tra layer of cloth, lin­ing some parts of the jeans but not oth­ers. They are heav­ier and warmer than nor­mal jeans, but much less bulky and weighty than the kind lined with pan­els of Kevlar. They have a ther­mal liner which largely stop them get­ting itchy, though they are more comfy on the bike than in an of­fice.

There are pock­ets for ar­mour in the knees and hips – I have the CE Level 1 sets fit­ted (£22.50 each for hips and knees; there are now CE Level 2 knee pro­tec­tors for £26.99). This is flex­i­bly com­fort­able and barely no­tice­able. In­deed, one of the things I like is that they look like nor­mal jeans even with the ar­mour in. Best of all, the ex­tra-long fit­ting is a 36in in­side leg – which I need as I’m 6ft 5in. This means not only do the SR6S fit me prop­erly but also, more im­por­tantly, keep the knee ar­mour in the right place when my leg’s bent for rid­ing.

The SR6’S fi­nal trick is their ex­ter­nal coat­ing. It’s not wa­ter­proof but is wa­ter

been caught in 20-minute sum­mer show­ers and emerged with dry legs – though a proper win­tery half-hour down­pour did dampen my crotch. Ahem.

Over 6000 sum­mery miles, th­ese jeans have re­ally im­pressed me. They’re well­cut, com­fort­able and prac­ti­cal. I haven’t crashed in them (and wouldn’t want to) but I trust the spec to make them a bet­ter bet than nor­mal jeans – and surely that’s the idea with rid­ing jeans. SW

Zip fly in­stead of but­tons and sturdy buckle. Belt is the model’s own

The SR6S are de­signed to ac­cept CE Level 1 hip and Level 1 and 2 knee pads

Qual­ity look­ing items fea­ture a leather patch for au­then­tic jeans feel

Ther­mal liner is com­fort­able and helps to add a lit­tle warmth when out on the bike

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