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Rev’it Jerez Pro gloves £249.99 www.re­vit­sport.com

I’VE HAD TH­ESE Jerez Pros for about three years now. I was im­pressed with the com­fort of the pre­vi­ous model and thought that an im­proved ver­sion with more ar­mour was sure to be ex­cel­lent.

Well, more ar­mour is some­thing of an un­der­state­ment. Each glove has 13 sep­a­rate pieces of ex­ter­nal hard ar­mour. 13! On each glove! Ridicu­lous.

Be it the ti­ta­nium knuck­les and cuffs, the plas­tic fin­ger slid­ers, the con­certi­na­ef­fect ar­mour on the back of the hand or the ‘En­gi­neered Skin’ palm and scaphoid slid­ers, the Jerez Pros are drip­ping in it.

On the in­side, there’s the odd bit of pad­ding and the en­tire back of the hand is lined with Aramid fi­bre ma­te­rial for even more pro­tec­tion. The re­main­ing parts of the glove are made from var­i­ous bits of cow, goat and kan­ga­roo.

So with all that, it’d be rea­son­able to ex­pect some com­pro­mise on com­fort, right? Wrong. Th­ese are frankly the most com­fort­able sports gloves I’ve ever put my hands into. Ev­ery piece of ex­ter­nal ar­mour works in har­mony with the other, giv­ing them un­hin­dered mo­bil­ity and an un­beat­able level of com­fort.

Now, af­ter three years and a vast col­lec­tion of gloves to choose from, th­ese are still – with­out ques­tion – my glove of choice for ev­ery track­day. There’s no sign of any stitch­ing com­ing apart or any ab­nor­mal wear and they’re still as comfy as ever. A bit pricey, I know, but some­times in life you re­ally do get what you pay for.

Any ways to im­prove them? Not re­ally.

“Any ways to im­prove? More colour op­tions...”

Some more colour op­tions would be nice I sup­pose.

Lots of pro­tec­tion doesn’t mean a lack of com­fort

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