Four al­ter­na­tives to the clas­sic com­fort food that dish up an ar­ray of nu­tri­ents and are de­li­cious, too.

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Al­ter­na­tives to mashed potato, you say? OK, but they had bet­ter be tasty…

01/ Sweet potato A lower-calo­rie starchy carb than a white potato, it’s a great source of the an­tiox­i­dant beta-carotene and the min­eral potas­sium, which helps to main­tain the heart’s elec­tri­cal rhythm. COOK’S TIP Steam rather than boil for a firmer tex­ture. MASH WITH A dash of milk and plenty of black pep­per. Chopped sage or thyme bal­ances out the sweet­ness.

02/ Cau­li­flower Low in calo­ries but packed with fi­bre and phy­tonu­tri­ents known as glu­cosi­no­lates: glu­co­bras­sicin plays a role in pre­vent­ing in­flam­ma­tion, while glu­co­raphanin aids di­ges­tive health by pro­tect­ing the stom­ach lin­ing. COOK’S TIP Wrap flo­rets in a tea towel after drain­ing and press gen­tly to re­move any ex­cess mois­ture. MASH WITH But­ter and a lit­tle mus­tard or a pinch of turmeric.

03/ Beet­root Well known for its high ni­trate con­tent, which can im­prove oxy­gen con­sump­tion and de­lay fa­tigue. It’s also an ex­cel­lent source of fo­late, which plays a role in car­dio­vas­cu­lar health. COOK’S TIP Boil or roast raw beet­roots in their skins, then peel. Add cooked spud in a 4:1 ra­tio for struc­ture. MASH WITH But­ter and a dash of horse­rad­ish.

04/ Cele­riac It won’t win a prize in any veg­gie beauty con­test, but one serv­ing of this nutty root pro­vides half your daily vi­ta­min K needs, along with phos­pho­rus and man­ganese, all of which sup­port healthy bones. It’s rich in vi­ta­min C, too. COOK’S TIP Fry small cubes of cele­riac in olive oil and gar­lic be­fore adding stock or wa­ter to boil un­til ten­der. MASH WITH As it is. Fin­ish with a driz­zle of truf­fle oil.


Use a potato masher or ricer if you like a coarser mash or a food pro­ces­sor for a smoother tex­ture. Add liq­uid slowly as you mash to pre­vent it be­com­ing too runny.

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