Max it out

Not in the mar­ket for a V02­max test in a lab? Do your own field test. The two here yielded the most ac­cu­rate es­ti­mates in a re­cent study.

Runner's World (UK) - - Warm Ups -

Cooper test

Run as far as you can in 12 mins. Use GPS or run on a tread­mill (at a 1% in­cline) to mea­sure your dis­tance. (22.35 x km cov­ered) - 11.29 = your es­ti­mated V02 max*

1.5-mile run test

Run a 1.5-mile (2.4km) route as fast as you can. Pace wisely: run­ners of­ten start dis­tance-based tests faster, yield­ing a higher rate of per­ceived ex­er­tion (RPE). 483 ÷ time + 3 = your es­ti­mated V02 max

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