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32/ Qual­ify for Bos­ton

Earn­ing a place in the Bos­ton Marathon is such a big deal that it comes with its own acro­nym, BQ, and even hit­ting the time isn’t a guar­an­tee of en­try; this year, qualifiers had to be two min­utes, 28 se­conds faster than the pre­scribed stan­dard for their age group to be as­sured of a place.

33/ Slow-mo in St An­drews

Since 1981, run­ners set­ting foot on West Sands in St An­drews, Fife, have en­joyed recre­at­ing the open­ing scene from Char­i­ots of Fire, com­plete with slow-mo run­ning ac­tion, white out­fits and tune­less ren­di­tion of the Van­ge­lis theme tune. If you want com­pany, join the 5K Char­i­ots of Fire Beach Race on June 4 (run­the­ Now in its sev­enth year, it at­tracts over 500 run­ners. And yes, they do play the mu­sic (bet­ter than the ver­sion in your head). If the east coast of Scot­land is too much of a stretch, find a sandy beach closer to home. ‘Sand acts as a nat­u­ral shock ab­sorber be­cause it com­presses un­der­foot,’ says Daniel Fer­ris, a ki­ne­si­ol­o­gist at the Univer­sity of Michi­gan, US. Even with shoes on, run­ning on sand de­mands 10-100 per cent more en­ergy, de­pend­ing on how soft it is, and the ex­tra ef­fort builds strength and en­durance.

34/ Run your fastest mile

Many run­ners fall for the al­lure of run­ning fur­ther, but swap­ping dis­tance for speed can breathe new life into your regime and have knock-on ben­e­fits for your dis­tance rac­ing. Time your­self over four laps of a track, or take to the streets in the fran­tic dash of the City of Lon­don Mile (free, city­oflon­don­ Club run­ners can take part in the Golden Stag Mile, held at Lon­don’s Al­lianz Sta­dium in July, while the Manch­ester Mile is also open to non-af­fil­i­ated run­ners (manch­ester­har­ri­ Did we miss any­thing? Let us know at run­

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