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THE OLD WAY Every plan fea­tured long runs and sim­ple in­ter­val ses­sions such as mile or 400m re­peats.

THE NEW WAY We add tempo runs, mid-run pick­ups, hill re­peats and fartleks to chal­lenge our bodies in new ways each week.

THE BEST WAY You'll get fit­ter faster if you mix up your work­outs, which is im­por­tant for rac­ers, but it of­ten takes a toll. ‘Highly structured train­ing is very ef­fec­tive, but it can also be phys­i­cally and men­tally hard to main­tain,’ says Mike Nor­man, co­founder and coach of Chicago En­durance Sports. ‘As long as you're con­sis­tently run­ning, you'll lose lit­tle, if any, fit­ness by tak­ing a break from it.’

Run­ners over­whelmed by work­outs should take a cue from old-timers: some­times it's OK to just run. Spend some time keep­ing it fairly sim­ple – a few runs a week at a com­fort­able pace – to rekin­dle your mo­ti­va­tion.

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