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THE OLD WAY Your run­ning-club bud­dies were your clos­est friends, be­cause you only had the time and en­ergy for work and run­ning.

THE NEW WAY Many of us still train with clubs and groups, but for others our run­ning com­pan­ions are the likes of Alex Turner or Bey­oncé (well, sort of). And we dis­cuss train­ing and re­sults on Twit­ter or Face­book with friends we may never meet in real life.

THE BEST WAY Run­ning with mu­sic, pod­casts or au­dio­books as your only com­pan­ion is fine most of the time. So is plug­ging into a run­ning com­mu­nity on­line. Some­times, though, it’s good to make an ef­fort to run with an­other per­son or a group (and leave your mu­sic be­hind). The miles will go by faster and more en­joy­ably, and you may even pick up the pace while barely notic­ing. ‘In hard work­outs a com­pan­ion can be both a dis­trac­tion to take your mind off the ef­fort and a pacer to get you through it,’ says sports psy­chol­o­gist Steve Portenga. It’s also a great way to ce­ment a friend­ship.

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