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Too many peo­ple say ‘ I’ll start run­ning when I’ve lost weight.’ Which is a shame, as run­ning is a pow­er­ful weapon in the bat­tle against the bulge. RW reader An­nette John­son made full use: ‘At first, I was so heavy I couldn’t jog so I had to power walk,’ she told us, hav­ing shed five stone. ‘ But soon I was able to mix short pe­ri­ods of walk­ing with jog­ging.’ When Cuban re­searchers as­signed over­weight women to thrice-weekly jog­ging ses­sions for eight weeks they not only shed pounds, but also low­ered their blood pres­sure and im­proved their choles­terol pro­file and waist-to-hip ratio. Re­search from Aarhus Univer­sity, Den­mark, shows the best way for heav­ier new run­ners to avoid in­jury is to keep to­tal dis­tance low in the early stages, and to in­crease it by no more than 10 per cent per week – the grad­ual pro­gres­sion that you’ll find in our train­ing pro­gramme on page 62.

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