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As an ‘older’ run­ner (born in 1955) I re­ally en­joyed your 50th an­niver­sary edi­tion. Yes, there have been changes in tech­nol­ogy, nutri­tion, shoes, cloth­ing and train­ing meth­ods but there has also been a huge change in ba­sic fit­ness. In my teens and 20s, it was un­usual for a fam­ily to have more than one car, so we walked, cy­cled or ran for the bus. If we wanted to phone some­one, we walked to the phone box. Ev­ery­day life was strength train­ing, with­out all the labour-sav­ing de­vices we have now. Fewer su­per­mar­kets with ad­ja­cent car parks meant you car­ried bags of shop­ping all the way home. You even had to get off the couch to change TV chan­nels! This over­all strength and fit­ness might ex­plain why run­ners in those days could cope with high mileages. It's no won­der that some of our older club mem­bers had race PBS in their day that the younger ones can only dream about! Anita Wor­thing, Aberys­t­wyth

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