Lean For Life Lose fat for good

Our star weight-losers share their strate­gies for keep­ing the pounds off and stay­ing healthy in the very long run

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Over the years our reg­u­lar Howiranit

Off page has fea­tured peo­ple who have ut­terly trans­formed them­selves. But, you may ask, did they keep off the weight?

It’s a valid ques­tion, as re­search shows many who lose weight rapidly through ex­treme diet plans and un­sus­tain­able ex­er­cise regimes fall – heav­ily – off the wagon, re­gain­ing all the weight they lost, if not more. ‘Ex­treme di­et­ing meth­ods do not work,’ says di­eti­tian He­len Bond, a spokesper­son for the Bri­tish Di­etetic As­so­ci­a­tion. ‘It’s im­por­tant to make a long-term plan if you’re go­ing to make real, last­ing changes.’

A long-term plan that com­bines sen­si­ble eat­ing with the weight­man­age­ment ben­e­fits of reg­u­lar run­ning has been the key for our four big­gest losers; those who had made the great­est changes to their lives when we first fea­tured them, and have not only kept the pounds off since, but are now en­joy­ing ben­e­fits way be­yond their trim waist­lines. Whether that‘s a new so­cial cir­cle, in­creased fam­ily time or re­gain­ing their men­tal balance, our ‘losers’ are win­ners when it comes to a re­newed ap­petite for life. Together they’re an in­spi­ra­tional tes­ta­ment to the last­ing power of lac­ing up your run­ning shoes and stick­ing to the right path.

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