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Why and how marathoner and chef Nate Ap­ple­man eats an av­o­cado ev­ery day

PACKED WITH heart-healthy mo­noun­sat­u­rated fats, av­o­ca­dos sup­ply more than 20 run­ner­essen­tial nu­tri­ents, in­clud­ing the min­er­als potas­sium, cop­per, zinc, and vi­ta­mins C, E, K and B6. At 230 calo­ries per medium av­o­cado, it’s a healthy al­ter­na­tive to butter. Here are some of chef Nate Ap­ple­man’s favourite ways to eat the smooth green su­per­veg-that’s-ac­tu­ally-a-fruit. GRILLED RIBEYE Grill a ribeye steak with spring onions and serve with fresh tor­tillas, tomato salsa and sliced av­o­cado doused in ex­tra vir­gin olive oil and topped with sesame seeds and sea salt. AV­O­CADO ‘TOR­TILLA’ Rub a halved av­o­cado with olive oil and salt and place on a very hot grill. Re­move when grill­marked. Serve with a mild feta cheese and salsa. GUA­CAMOLE Mash an av­o­cado with chopped onion, jalapeño and co­rian­der; mix in lime juice and cumin. TOAST WITH EGGS Fry eggs, re­move, then put grated Parme­san in the pan to form a crispy cheese wafer (‘frico’). Smash some av­o­cado on toast and serve with the frico and eggs. GRILLED CHEESE Grill but­tered whole­wheat bread topped with ched­dar and ham and another slice of bread. Open the sand­wich and stuff in sliced av­o­cado. . AV­O­CADO LOLLIES Blend two av­o­ca­dos, a can of co­conut milk and the juice of a grape­fruit. Add honey to taste. Pour into ice lolly moulds and freeze. AV­O­CADO SMOOTHIE Blend a frozen ba­nana, half an av­o­cado, a big hand­ful of chopped kale, a ta­ble­spoon of al­mond butter and a hand­ful of frozen pineap­ple chunks. TOMATO AND AV­O­CADO SALAD Chop toma­toes, red onions and av­o­cado chunks, and driz­zle with ex­tra vir­gin olive oil and sea salt. Serve with may­on­naise mixed with an­chovies and tuna. SALMON AND AV­O­CADO SALAD Mix chopped let­tuce with veg (such as steamed broc­coli). Top with a baked salmon steak, lemon juice and soy sauce, sliced av­o­cado and pine nuts.

Peo­ple who of­ten eat av­o­ca­dos have a smaller waist size and lower body mass in­dex than ab­stain­ers.

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