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Up­ping your mileage could make you a more ef­fi­cient run­ner. When re­searchers2 com­pared the biome­chan­ics of low-mileage (those run­ning less than 10 miles a week) and high-mileage run­ners (over 27 miles a week), they ob­served in the lat­ter greater springi­ness in the ten­dons, less mus­cu­lar ac­tiv­ity in the thigh mus­cles and higher knee-joint stiff­ness on land­ing. These adap­ta­tions al­low for more ef­fi­cient propul­sion, which is likely to re­duce the en­ergy cost of run­ning. But don’t add to your dis­tance too much or too quickly: a 10 per cent in­crease per week to­wards your goal is plenty.

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