New moves to beat the scourge of shin splints

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ME­DIAL TIBIAL stress syn­drome (MTSS), bet­ter known as shin splints, has long been the curse of the recre­ational run­ner. It’s of­ten put down to tight calf mus­cles, but a new study1 shines a light on two new sus­pects: the tib­ialis pos­te­rior (a stabiliser) and the flexor dig­i­to­rum longus, a mus­cle that helps plan­tarflex the an­kle (point­ing the foot down­wards) and curl the toes. Re­searchers as­sessed stiff­ness in eight lower-leg mus­cle groups in run­ners who had suf­fered from shin splints and those who had not. They found higher lev­els of stiff­ness in th­ese two mus­cles among MTSS suf­fer­ers. They con­clude that ‘stretch­ing th­ese mus­cles may play an im­por­tant role in pre­vent­ing the con­di­tion’. Try the stretches be­low to guard your shins against in­jury.

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