Three power recipes with ver­sa­tile glass noo­dles

Carb up with chef Nate Ap­ple­man's noo­dle recipes

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GLASS NOO­DLES, which are made from mung beans and ap­pear translu­cent, are packed with run­ner­friendly carbs and iron. ‘I use glass noo­dles for Asian food, but they're ver­sa­tile,’ says chef Nate Ap­ple­man. ‘You can sub­sti­tute them for any pasta.’ Slightly chewier than pasta, glass noo­dles are also gluten-free.

Not only are th­ese noo­dles lower in carbs and calo­ries than tra­di­tional pasta, they also have vi­ta­min B6. Thanks to their starch con­tent, glass noo­dles are a good source of com­plex car­bo­hy­drates.

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