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Ever won­dered why crash di­ets don’t work? Part of the prob­lem is that they’re tough to main­tain; se­vere de­pri­va­tion tends to lead to binge­ing. But also, switch­ing to an ul­tralow-calo­rie diet ac­tu­ally slows down your me­tab­o­lism by up to 50 per cent, laying the ground­work for weight gain later on, says Lar­son. Starved of the calo­ries it needs, the body shifts into sur­vival mode. The re­sult? You’ll be de­priv­ing your­self of calo­ries but still not see­ing the scales budge, and you’ll feel de­pleted even be­fore you run, un­able to get the calo­rie-burn­ing and mus­cle-build­ing ben­e­fits. Even af­ter you re­turn to nor­mal eat­ing habits, your body will still be in sur­vival mode, cling­ing to as many calo­ries as it can. And be­cause you’ve prob­a­bly lost mus­cle, you’ve fur­ther ham­pered your fat-burn­ing ca­pac­ity.

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