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It seems ob­vi­ous, but eat­ing more calo­ries than you burn is not the route to weight loss. For a pre­cise as­sess­ment of the num­ber of calo­ries you should con­sume each day, you could have a body-mass as­sess­ment with a Bod Pod test or a DEXA scan. These tests are pricey and hard to ac­cess, so run­ners, train­ers and nu­tri­tion­ists of­ten use for­mu­las to es­ti­mate calo­rie needs and tar­gets: first, you cal­cu­late your BMR; then you fac­tor in your phys­i­cal-ac­tiv­ity level (PAL) to de­ter­mine your daily calo­rie needs. To lose one pound of fat, you need to cre­ate a calo­rie deficit of about 3,500 kcals. So if you’re look­ing to shed that amount in a week, you would need to con­sume 500 kcals per day less than your to­tal. If you want to halve the rate of weight loss, sub­tract 250 kcals per day from the to­tal.

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