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Noth­ing keeps Dale Lyons from the Lon­don Marathon – ever

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Dale Lyons has run ev­ery Lon­don Marathon and he’s not done yet

DALE LYONS is one of just 11 men – The Ever Presents – who have com­pleted ev­ery Lon­don Marathon. The 2017 race marked his 37th Lon­don and his 100th marathon over­all. Dale, 80, com­pleted the course us­ing a crutch, fol­low­ing an an­kle re­place­ment, but still fin­ished in 6:23:06 – ‘half an hour faster than last year’. It’s not the first time he has toed the start line with some kind of im­ple­ment….


Set a Guin­ness World Record (3:09) by run­ning the race dressed as a chef and toss­ing a pan­cake.


Did ‘the dou­ble’ (two Lon­don Marathons) – 8:59 for the 52.4 miles.


Ran the race hold­ing an egg and spoon.


Be­cause of a bro­ken leg Dale used crutches in the race – but he fin­ished.


Es­tab­lished the three­legged marathon world record, in 3:58:33, with Dave Pet­tifer.


At 61, Dale com­pleted the first and only ‘triple’ Lon­don, in 17:12, with his arm in a sling due to a bro­ken wrist. Guin­ness re­jected it as ‘too slow’.


He ‘flew’ the marathon dressed as a bus­tard, to help a cam­paign to bring the bird back to Bri­tain (it was hunted to ex­tinc­tion nearly 200 years ago). ‘The head and wings slowed me to a 5:12:46 pace, but bus­tards ben­e­fited by over £1,000.’


Dale ran in sup­port of Age Con­cern. ‘I had a Zim­mer frame as my prop, but the rules said its wheels weren’t per­mit­ted, so I had to carry it.’


‘Af­ter a knee re­place­ment, I tot­tered through on crutches in 6:40:53 to re­main an Ever Present. There were just 21 of us left of the orig­i­nal 42.’


An an­kle re­place­ment fol­lowed the new knee in 2014. ‘Ac­cord­ing to the sur­geon the new an­kle was not de­signed to do 26.2 miles, but it did, and it has now done three more Lon­don Marathons, al­beit crutch-aided.’


Dale did the 35th Lon­don on wheels (the event gave him one of 15 stan­dard wheel­chair bal­lot places). ‘4:36:16: my fastest Lon­don for 10 years!’


Dale’s 100th marathon. ‘Is it time to quit? My part­ner, daugh­ters (Iona and Kyla, above) and sur­geons think so. But if com­mon sense pre­vailed I doubt there would be any Ever Presents left by now.’

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